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Elena Foulis

January 16, 2014  5:10pm

Thank you! I strongly recommend the two books I mention in the article.

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Demetrios Kehagias

January 08, 2014  6:35pm

It is so true how many, many times we never take the time to get to know our neighbors even in the big cities. We could be living next to someone for years and never really know them. This is a very relevant article and we need to encourage more to get to know their neighbors. http://fatherdoesntknowbest.com

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Brian Considine

January 07, 2014  10:13pm

Elena, thank you for this wonderful article. I just recently published a prayer resource entitled "Ethnic Embrace USA - Blessing the Nations Among Us" available at www.EthnicEmbraceUSA.net. In this book, the reader encounters 40 of the largest diaspora peoples who now call the USA home. Through 40 select scripture, the reader discover God's heart for the foreigner in out midst. Ethnic Embrace USA is a 40 day prayer journey designed to capture the readers heart for the stranger next door.

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