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carlene byron

November 21, 2013  6:48pm

People with mental illness are already part of the church. They're hiding in plain sight. We've known: a "manic mommy" of a newborn, with three under age 6 in the house, who was getting "new mother" dinners but no extra support; a guy with schizophrenia who had been the pastor's prayer partner since the founding of their church; a woman kept attending a Bible study that taught that she must thank God for all things at a time when she was actively psychotic due to incorrect medication. We need to be ready for those who have not yet come to us but we also need to be wise in our support of those who are already part of our fellowship.

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Pop Seal

November 19, 2013  8:04am

When working security at a Department of Defense site in 2005, our team was warned to stay off the social web sites. They show life styles and give an entrance into our lives in ways and for purposes that are not in our best interests. Data mining for marketing purposes, identity theft, and unwanted government tracking are a few of their dangers.

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Matthew Haller

November 18, 2013  7:39pm

This was a nice read thanks for sharing.

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Displaying 1–3 of 3 comments.

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