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todd still

February 11, 2014  5:15pm

The fact that you use to hate beautiful women says it all. Only a feminist would do that it says a lot about your own insecurities and I guess if you were asked to model growing up you'd thin differently. What your tiny brain doesn't get is that the men in your class were promoting goodness and virtue in women, being a proverbs thirty one women is lifting women up to be seen in a good healthy emotional light, they were not dealing with an abstraction of provs 31 vs. angels, they were just saying they wantd a strong woman, whats so wrong with that? Being brainwashed my the idea that everything men say and do is wrong unless they agree with my stance is unhealthy. These kids and every man in their right man knows these women aren't really angels, just applauds their beauty and all men whether they admit it or not wants to be with the most beautiful women in the world. Same as all men would want to be with a virtuous woman. Proverbs 31 maybe unrealistic for you but as men we want the best

Stuart Robson

January 11, 2014  11:39am

@Jeff Pitman where did you obtain the right to decide what women can and cannot wear? I am of the understanding that Victoria's Secret models are in possession of free will and the ability to make rational, conscious decisions. The idea that any part of the body is objectively sexual, and further that sexuality is in itself immoral, is laughable. In what way is advertising a fashionable product to hold your tits up a moral transgression? What is the ultimate consequence of women wearing lingerie on television? Join the 21st century, you dinosaur, or do you believe in dinosaurs. God's not real. Next.

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Stuart Robson

January 11, 2014  12:10am

@Hal Sanders, I really pity you. "Lust" is a biological mechanism that necessarily exists because it quite clearly favours the perpetuation of one's genetic material. God's not real. It's not healthy for anyone to feel ashamed about having a libido. Untuck your white polo from your khakis and grow up.

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Jeff Pittman

December 23, 2013  10:46am

The choice of lingerie model as a profession for a Christian woman has a moral implication. You can choose to ignore that most heterosexual men go unhealthy places when they view a Victoria Secret model; this response is just a fact; you can try to hypothesize and pontificate all you want about loving women in all circumstances and explaining away their responsibility for moral choices by saying they have a witness for Jesus in the setting they choose to live in, but the fact remains this is not a place women should spend their lives. Let them dress anyway they want in the appropriate setting ( marriage), indulge in incredible freedom and pleasure in their sex lives with their husbands, avoid prudery and fear based responses to the issue of sex, but don't try to justify the choice of being a VS model in the name of feminism. Please.

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audrey ruth

December 21, 2013  12:26pm

The Proverbs 31 woman did not have to be a real live woman (although she certainly could have been) in order for believing women to gain wisdom and understanding by studying how she lived her life. It is a very wise young man who says, "I'd rather marry a Proverbs 31 woman than a Victoria's Secret model." This shows that he knows what really matters in life. Recently a real Victoria's Secret model gave her testimony of becoming a Christian and giving up that line of work - she found it oppositional to God's plan for her life. Yes, lust originates in men's hearts, but that doesn't give Christian women excuse to deliberately do lustful things. BTW, I wonder if the author realizes that "fallen angels" Biblically refers to demons?

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Displaying 1–5 of 34 comments.

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