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Ethan DeDe

January 25, 2014  7:57pm

It's been circulating around that Frozen has many pro-homosexual themes. Among some of the things said are: 1) "Let it Go" is Elsa coming to terms with who she is. She was "born differently" and she tries to accept herself with who she really is and doesn't care about the opinion of others. This is being compared to homosexuals. 2) The store owner (Wandering Oaken's Trading Post) in the movie appears to have a gay family in the sauna, as he hints at the adult male and younger children as being his family. 3) Allegedly, Jennifer Lee, the director, made a statement that the sexuality of Elsa was "best left unsaid." As someone who spoke about the movie, what are your thoughts on this matter?

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John Richardson

December 17, 2013  1:23pm

Just wanting to make it clear: As an artist/cartoonist, I thought it was an excellent film, and very entertaining. All the publicity material made it look like it would be a formula-movie, a paler reflection of the brilliant Tangled. The animation acting was good, and I was relieved that there were plenty of sunny moments. Okay, but I just can't believe they couldn't choose a more appealing design for the snowman character! (It's unbelievable, really. How did that face slip through the approval process at a major studio like Disney, all the way to final production? Was it a clerical error??) So I guess that sometimes keeps me from praising it as highly as I would, and should. ... And yes, I kept my mouth shut about that with my daughters.

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John Richardson

December 17, 2013  1:13pm

I liked Frozen a lot more than I thought I would. It wasn't quite the Tangled-wannabe I thought it would be. As a father of 2 girls, I really appreciated the kind of love this film chose to idealize. (Incidentally, my step-aunt's great grand-cousin doesn't make any money hourly on the internet... so don't ask me about it, please.)

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