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David Stafford

January 13, 2014  6:26pm

Ms. Kapp: Thank you for your comment. Also, not only that, when we suffer persecution even to having the ones who kill us thinking they are doing God a service, we are to rejoice that we are worthy to suffer for his names sake. Hallelujah! The persecutors are playing RIGHT INTO God's hand. And again I say: REJOICE!

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Kamilla Ludwig

January 09, 2014  3:01pm

Kristy, You might want to read Matthew 25:31-46

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Kristy Kapp

January 05, 2014  8:05am

I'm not saying we shouldn't get involved or bring out awareness or put some things in perspective, those all should be done. However, this is not something that will change, in fact, according to the Bible, things are only going to get a lot worse. Also, I don't remember Jesus or any of the Apostles calling to bring their persecution to an end. They & their friends were being tortured & killed & kings were ordering babies to be killed but I don't remember any of them ever saying "we need to do something about this treatment of us & our brothers." Most of them knew more than likely that their lives would end in martyrdom but they just kept on. They used their times in prison as an opportunity to share the Gospel with their persecutors. Again, if there is something you can do to help, by all means, do it but our call is to preach the Gospel, warn of false teachers, and admonish, rebuke, & encourage our brothers & sisters in Christ.

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robert puharic

January 04, 2014  2:42am

As an atheist, I have to say this persecution of Christians is despicable. Christians and atheists (those who are brave enough to admit to atheism is Islamic countries) are often the target of persecution. Islam is, I believe, generally incompatible with democracy when it achieves majority status. This is one area where Christians and atheists can work together to both pressure western governments, and to force Muslim government to understand penalties for persecuting minorities.

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Steve Weinstein

January 03, 2014  4:54am

But it's so much more fun to complain about a second-rate reality TV star being suspended from a third-rate reality TV show!

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Displaying 1–5 of 26 comments.

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