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Travis Busbar

January 17, 2014  6:05pm

Sorry Courtney, but you don't quite "get it" yet. Study up on how the parts of the body are represented in the church. Must the ears, become like the feet... must the hands, become like the mouth. Run how God has created you, and rejoice in that creation, but don't insist that we become what we are not.

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audrey ruth

January 16, 2014  10:21pm

Ronda, I appreciate your kind words. :) Like your husband, I can be physically wiped out, then get in a group of people and be like the energizer bunny. My husband does not understand this at all. He does enjoy talking to friends about favorite hobbies, but he doesn't 'light up' like an energizer bunnies, if you know what I mean. I do love people, get a kick out of being with them, I even enjoy public speaking, but when I come home I am so, so ready to chill out and rest and relax (oh, the joy of a long soak in a bubble bath!) and I especially enjoy talking to the Lord about what's going on in my life, because He enables me to see it from His POV. Several people have tried to 'define' me with popular labels of personalities, but they always tell me I'm a blend. That's okay with me.

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Dan from Georgia

January 16, 2014  10:16pm

I LOVE your comments Rick Dalbey and Grady Walton! As a fellow introvert and creative, I can attest to what you are both saying. I would also like to add... DON'T EVER ASK US AGAIN IN CHURCH TO HOLD HANDS WITH THE STANGER NEXT TO US DURING THE AKWARD CLOSING 2 MINUTE PRAYER!!! STOP IT!!! NOW!!!! Second, way back in 1999 went to my one and only church "men's retreat". Why did I stop going? Well...cars...cars..kids...cars...kids...cars...sports...cars...sports...ki ds...ad nauseum. Yep, all us men are all alike! Cookie-cutter Christian men. Lastly, I think that people who work with youth don't all need to be hyper-spastic, booger joke telling, dodge-ball gaming loudmouths. There are ALOT of kids who HATED being in youth group because they would have rather spent time in more quiet pursuits!

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Mark Dohle

January 16, 2014  5:11pm

I am the 3rd of eleven. I was very introverted as a child, but when I was 11 I decided that I needed to change. So I joined the boy scouts, little league and the ROTC later in High School. I hated it, but it taught me to be more outgoing. Most people think I am an extrovert, but I am exhausted much of the time and do need a lot of time alone. I like solitude, but work with the public in a retreat house. I can give talks and i do have a blog that I share with others. Labels are dangerous if taken to literally. However for me it is about how I get my energy, I get it from being alone, reading, praying, walking or just being....and yes watching a move by myself.

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Grady Walton

January 16, 2014  11:52am

Continued: All church camp retreats do not have to be action-packed events where participants run from one high-energy activity to another. Church staff should include a mix of extroverts and introverts. Refrain from constantly pushing the notion that all Christians should aspire to leadership. Some of us do not want to lead; we prefer to be creative or put our head down and work. Don’t expect all introverts to lead Sunday school; it would be better to ask us to support the Sunday school teacher . . . perhaps we could write curriculum or obtain visual aids and rewards for the children. Anyhow, these are just a few ideas.

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Displaying 1–5 of 25 comments.

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