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Jeff Lucas

February 22, 2014  4:33pm

Teach your children the Biblical truth, and pray for them. If you try to raise them up in the drug war lies, they will reject you as a representative of the truth. the kids in my family are educated. They know that when our bodies experience stress induced pain, their brains produce endcannabinoids like THC. They have always known that you can't overdose on pot. They know truth. And they also know that I don't want them getting caught up in this war. I tell them "don't worry about hte injustice of the law, worry about your future" I tell them to get their engineering degrees, so that they can develop new lighting technology for the industry. I tell them to get their accounting and business management education, so they can manage my corporation. And I tell them don't experiment with pot until they get a life foundation underneath them. ANd that they plan to do. I don't teach them "just say no", I teach them "be ye sober". And they understand the principles of responsible use.

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Leah Sp

February 10, 2014  12:06am

As I tend a bit Libertarian, mainly on civl liberties issues, I don't believe pot should be outlawed, never should have been. As a Christian, I am concerned over its mainly been used to criminalize large numbers of minorities, and its a money maker for police and state and local governments. The war of drugs have been a huge waste of money. Yes, its probably no worse, maybe better than alcohol. But not for everyone. Just like only some drinkers become alcoholics. But, as Ron Paul says, if the government made heroin legal tomorrow, how many people are going to go out and buy it? People who tend to self medicate with alcohol and pot, already do it. The vast majority of people who indulge, use alcohol and pot. Hard drugs not so much. Interesting about using the body as Gods temple thing. I would think most young people are not mature enough in their faith to truly internalize this, but I'm glad it worked for you and for some others also.

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audrey ruth

January 29, 2014  10:18am

Some people seem to think that legalization makes any issue A-Okay. However, abortion on demand has been legal for more than 40 years, and it's just as wrong now as it's always been. Harvard University did a study on marijuana which detailed its dangers to health. It's a shame that these findings have not been widely publicized: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/evidence99/marijuana/Health_1.html // I grieve for any child who is parented in a haze of marijuana, legal or illegal.

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Alex Daube

January 26, 2014  4:06pm

bennett willis, do you want to ban alcohol?

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Dessie T

January 25, 2014  9:51pm

but use condoms if you do" approach. Some feel this is condoning behavior, but I don't. I feel it's being realistic. Be open and broach the subject at a time which you and your husband feel is appropriate. Don't wait until your kids start asking you questions in their teens or if you think they're dabbling. Keep the conversation open and ongoing. BE ENGAGED Know their friends... and their friends' parents. If you both work, know where they're going after school. Get them involved in activities that take motivation and discipline. Spend time w/ them one-on-one and get to really know who they are as a person. As far as the "everything created by God is good" argument, I think most of us would not ingest poison ivy or belladonna. And I don't believe that pot is less harmless than alcohol. A joint is much more likely to induce a panic attack, which can kick off subsequent panic attacks, than a glass of wine. It's a very, very hard call.

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Displaying 1–5 of 23 comments.

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