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Leah Sp

February 09, 2014  11:55pm

Touching article. Such an important discussion, considering the greater numbers of children born with disabilities these days. Both a blessing (what love to give and receive!) and a challenge. Prayers to those parents to find the joy, and prayers for those who may need extra help.

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Mark Leach

January 31, 2014  5:14pm

Your point about being willing to accept your child--whatever that child may be--as a gift, is one of the reasons cited in the case for conserving disability. Michael J. Sandel has written eloquently on this. From a summary of his work by another author: "Sandel argues that disability, specifically children born with disabilities, offers us the ethical opportunity, fundamental to the human condition to accept and make a life what he calls ‘giftedness.’ … To accept children as gifts is to accept them as they come, not as objects of our design or products of our will or instruments of our ambition. Sandel argues for preserving disability and disabled people, in particular the opportunity to parent disabled children, rather than eliminate them through selective abortion and genetic manipulation.”

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audrey ruth

January 29, 2014  7:45am

RE: "Ultrasound technology can be fun and exciting, but for Christians, our excitement and readiness shouldn't come from an image on a screen. Rather, as I learned the hard way, it should come from a readiness in the heart to welcome whatever child God has given us ... But I had allowed those images to suggest that our baby was under our control, created in our own image. I wish that instead I had understood our daughter as a gift coming from God for us to receive with gratitude and wonder." // WOW. This is such a profound thought. Your comments about Mary's response to the Lord are also well-taken because they are so relevant to this issue. THANK YOU for sharing this.

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Amy Bost Henegar

January 28, 2014  7:42am

Beautiful and profound. Thanks Amy Julia.

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Tim Fall

January 27, 2014  3:09pm

"But I had allowed those images to suggest that our baby was under our control, created in our own image." Amy Julia, you make me pause and consider our own children. As healthy as they've been, they've never been under our control. God made them in his image, and for that I am truly thankful. Another thing ultrasound technology reminds me of is that no matter how well we can see in the womb we can never see a child as God does. Perhaps that alone is reason to cherish every child: God sees then all. Blessings, Tim P.S. My take on God's ultrasound: http://timfall.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/gods-ultrasound/

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