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Bronwyn Lea

February 03, 2014  3:26pm

What an excellent article, Rachel. Congratulations. As a mom of three children myself, I marvel at how the process of childbearing and birth has changed my understanding of my body specifically, and as a women generally. For me, it has been very redemptive - from loathing my appearance to seeing something new and beautiful in having a woman's body (http://ungrind.org/2013/wonderfully-made/). I so appreciate your words.

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audrey ruth

January 30, 2014  10:06pm

RE: "Blogger Matt Walsh wrote: 'There's nothing wrong with being a mom who looks like a mom. We would never tell someone to hide their cultural or ethnic identity, so why do we pressure moms to hide their maternal identity? It's insane. It's wrong.' " WOW. These are some of THE most refreshing words I've read at this site, and that's saying something. Tim Fall, you and I don't always agree :) but I really appreciate the truth you posted re: the horrible exegesis and application (not to mention lack of context) re: church workout programs based on the passage about being the temple of the Holy Spirit. Paul wrote to Timothy that physical workouts aren't nearly as important (his words: they "profit little") in comparison to one's spiritual well-being. Thanks too for giving the honest perspective of a man, that men's bodies change with age. And you guys don't even carry the babies! ;)

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Jenny Roca

January 30, 2014  5:31pm


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Russ Clousing

January 30, 2014  7:08am

very inspiring!! I have 6 grown daughter and Im going to invite them to read your article. Thank Rachel

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Johnson Chang-Fong

January 29, 2014  1:01pm

The downward changes that time and life-phases exact upon our bodies and faculties make one's longing and appreciation for the resurrection, when "this perishable body must put on imperishable, and this mortal body must put on immortality," (1 Cor. 15:52-53), evermore acute. But, while we eagerly look forward to the "then," even the groanings in the "now" solidifies our appreciation and worship of our creator as he had entered our own human experiences to be our representative champion and savior.

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Tim Fall

January 29, 2014  11:46am

I'm finding that it's not only pregnancy that leads to a body's shape changing. Time alone seems to have that effect: I look different now at 54 than I did at 24. And church workout programs based on the passage about being the temple of the Holy Spirit? What horrible exegesis and application. Thanks for restoring some sanity to the discussion, Rachel. Cheers, Tim http://timfall.wordpress.com/

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