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Rick Bradley

February 22, 2014  3:22pm

It seems as if some of those who offered comments did not read the whole article or did not understand Sharon's perspective or her point (Billy Ford made a helpful comment back on Feb 1). Sharon was saying that if we were to evaluate the performance according to the Bible, specifically the Song of Songs, we would realize that the performance was NOT helpful in portraying the goodness of sex within marriage - that it was 'way too explicit - a very well-written article to tactfully correct those who might have thought that the performance was somehow good for promoting sex within marriage - NOT.

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audrey ruth

February 12, 2014  8:10am

pj payne, the things that you (and others) have revealed show how utterly irrelevant this article really is. Beyonce' and hub do not encourage anything Godly, period.

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bill wilson

February 10, 2014  4:16pm

It's neither good nor bad for marriage. the question is an irrelevant distraction to dealing with the real issues that threaten families, such as social and economic injustice. Why not focus on how employers exploit workers and damage the environment, or are you afraid of offending your wealthy readers?

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pj payne

February 09, 2014  10:19am

Beyonce and her husband Jayz are not Christians in fact at his concerts he asks his audience to call him jehovah, while they hold up the Illuminati pyramid.symbol using thier hands. Beyonce held up the same symbol in her demonic Superbowl performance. The Church needs to recognise what is going on in this world. How satan is using the entertainment industry to destroy our morals. We need to stop idolizing so called stars and stop watching them and stop buying thier filth. I would never watch the grammys or any other awards shows or allow my children to watch them. We can not be of this world. Narrow is the gate

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audrey ruth

February 09, 2014  9:23am

Glorious Gift and Essence, thank you so much for your comments. I have not followed Beyoncé's career, so I did not know the things you both revealed. It always helps to have 'back story'. I appreciate everyone here who has taken a stand for Godliness. This gives me hope for America.

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juanita carter

February 06, 2014  9:28pm

I agree whole heartedly with all the comments I have read. I am ashamed to think in one article posted previously to this one, it comments on women being beautiful or not. Then this one stating it is ok to flaunt it and marriage should be like the Carter's? Really.... Should not have even been a discussion or comparison to the Bible & the God I know. Praying on this one---

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February 06, 2014  3:38pm

Mightn't the author be guilty of Ezekiel 22:26 -- You have profaned My holy things . . . no distinction between the holy and the common. The all-too-commonness of her vile performances should preclude Beyonce from such an article under the banner of a magazine of Christianity Today's distinction.

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Essence Prymus

February 06, 2014  1:15am

This article did not sit well with me either. Jay-Z also calls himself J-hova comparable to Jehova and many of his lyrics are against many Christian's beliefs. Beyoncé also has made claims of her alter ego 'Sasha Fierce' which has been referenced as a demonic spirit which takes over when she performs which is known as an Egyptian goddess. Neither represent Christianity today and I do not watch award shows but think this article, although is well written, could in some ways encourage readers who may be babies in the faith to look at Beyoncé and Jay Z as an example and cause confusion. I guess it is just unsettling to have books in the bible compared to ungodly examples as if it is a good comparison to Christian Marriage.

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Mary Foltz

February 05, 2014  9:15pm

This article made my stomach turn- as well as the graphic nipple picture included. Do you think if my husband watched the Grammys- which he doesn't - & saw this performance he would be thinking wholesome thoughts about our marriage- or be distracted by this pornographic performance? Give me a break! Jesus have mercy on your church!

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Glorious Gift

February 05, 2014  1:17pm

I do not watch any of the award shows any more but I have seen a change in Beyoncé' performance's. When she started out she was a beautiful fresh faced Christian girl. Now she looks hard and her singing has not really changed that much. She use to be a role model for the younger generation but to me she has failed. Is it Hollywood's proclamation that if what you are doing, or not doing, isn't getting any response, let's throw some sex into it. After all enquiring minds of the youth want to know how to handle oneself on stage in a sexual manor with your husband. So as not to offend anyone, lets put a name on it, They are a Christian couple(?) so it is okay to show the audience how much alive a Christian marriage can be, sexually? Give me a break here. Who in their right mind would ever condone what Hollywood deems ok? Beyoncé has gone by the way of so many young ladies. Gained the whole word and is likely to lose her soul. What is really sad? Who is she when the lights go down?

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Diana Blane

February 05, 2014  10:26am

Intimacy in a marriage is a beautiful thing....but it is also a private thing, not meant to be flaunted or acted out in front of millions of people. Then it becomes more of a "show" than true intimacy. I don't need Beyoncé and her husband to tell me that being married is sexy or how to show my husband how much I love him, thank you very much. Beyoncé's dancing in this song is really not that different than in any of her other videos, and I do not see her as a role model for me or my daughters. God expects our intimacy in marriage to be just that...intimate.

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audrey ruth

February 04, 2014  11:08pm

Pamela, I can't see how glorifying the filth expressed by Beyonce' and her husband furthers the cause of marriage in any way - just the opposite. Did you know that same Grammy awards program also featured the "marriage" of two immoral perverts? (according to God's definition of those words) The Grammy awards were not about promoting God's view of marriage in any way. There IS a terrible departing from truth in American churches today (as is prophesied in God's own Word), but you need not fear for the true church: Jesus said the gates of Hell would not prevail against it.

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Pamela Mathews

February 04, 2014  7:22pm

Has this author or anyone on this site looked at marriage stats lately? 30% of children are born to mothers who are not married and 50% of couples are divorced. Do we really think it's productive to analyze the marriage of a couple that do not claim to be a model for the Evangelical world and who the author has never met and didn't interview for this article based on one performance? Sometimes I wonder how the church even survives.

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Fred Gray

February 04, 2014  10:32am


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Wit D

February 03, 2014  6:11pm

A distinction must be made between hollywood type of marriages and the christian marriage. When we make this, we will come to the conclusion that there is NO value to be gained from these performers. Hers and others. The christian marriage is about the other, SEX is the last piece in the union; while the hollywood type marriage is about sex first and the flesh. Which include those two. To answer the question; it is NO... that performance distorts what marriage is about. Why would CT even allow this article.....?

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audrey ruth

February 03, 2014  1:36am

Neither of the Grammy's depictions of marriage this year were positive Biblical examples. The only Biblical thing about Beyonce' and her husband's performance is that they are a man and a woman - the rest was horrific. The other depiction of "marriage" in an actual ceremony took the celebration of unnatural perversion to a whole new level. May God have mercy on America and bring us to our collective senses as a nation, just as the prodigal son in the pig sty came to himself and could then see clearly.

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Sandra Collins

February 03, 2014  12:21am

I do not watch television but have read about the so-called "performance!” This politically correct power (really POWER-LESS without SALVATION and the Holy Spirit) couple continues to push the sin envelope. They have no shame from the filthy language to their overt sex on stage. What decent couple talks like that to each other even in the privacy of their home? Even before my husband and I became Christians, we didn't use that kind of language to express our love for each other. As a woman who is a follower of Jesus Christ and who is considered black in America, Beyonce is not a role model for anyone. After Jesus Christ, shouldn't parents be the role models? Don't even get me started on her husband's lifestyle. They need to do as we all need to do…repent and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! 2 Timothy 3 3 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.

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elizabeth Rodriguez

February 01, 2014  11:26pm

First of all this couple aint christian....they represent illuminati the devils cult....Beyonce is a mother and it was hard see her that way degrading herself infront of the world...kids listen to her music...this is why our kids and youth are losing themselves each day because of ppl like beyonce and miley and justin bieber....and some parents allow their kids to follow them...Beyonce and everyone other artist who is part of the iluminati are possessed by demons and by us letting our kids listen to them we are giving ourselves to the devil and our kids...go on youtube beyonce says she is possessed by demons in one of her interviews...run to Christ before its too late

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February 01, 2014  12:46pm

I'm confused by some of you who are criticizing this article. Did you read all the way to the end on the third page? The reason the comparison was made is that some were saying that the performance was good in that it was a positive portrayal of marriage. But the author of the article arrives at a different conclusion, agreeing with John MacArthur (who usually takes the strictest of lines) on multiple occasions.

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David Porter

February 01, 2014  8:06am

Good for traditional marriage? Excuse me for being blunt but would watching a video of a married couple making love build up traditional marriage? Sometimes Christians need to change the channel and not try to justify what they just saw.

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Frank Keefe

February 01, 2014  3:43am

Craig you are right about LOVE its a misused word today and can mean all sorts of things.Agape love is the true love that comes from God...Im not sure if im right but didnt Jesus ask Peter 3 times about his love for Him and on the third time Peter answered with the word for love AGAPE which is Gods love

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Frank Keefe

February 01, 2014  3:30am

They are both involved with the illuminati and though I havent seen their performance looking at the posts Ive got a good Idea of what they did....lets get this right...By Their Fruits You Will Know Them...its not about calling yourself Christian but how you live and walk the life of a Christian.To simulate sex in front of an audience of millions shows that fruit is bad and they need the Holy Spirit in their lives. God is not mocked and they need to change... its either living a true fruitful life for Him or walk hand on hand with His enemy and have no doubt its Gods enemy they are walking with.

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Craig Hutton

February 01, 2014  12:56am

Just stumbled into this sight...I've been saved now for over 34 years and the one thing I have found as I have immersed my mind into Gods mind and that is everything from King Davids words saying "I will put no worthless thing before my eyes", to "be not conformed to this world; however, when you look at the Greek (which you have to...it's not just for pastors guys) you will see the word "aion" instead of the word "kosmos" which is often used...aion is "age"...so this is a constant moving target guys and Jay-Z and Beyonce are smack dab in the middle of it. Also I have been studying I John recently where we are told that we only have two options in our lives...we can love the "kosmos" (the world system) AND the things of the kosmos (which is a great big catch all) or we can have the agape (love) of the Father in us...but we ain't getting both...so when we think about what agape is "sacrificing our rights for the benefit of those around us" we can pretty well discern where we are at.

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Lawrence Lopez

January 31, 2014  7:51pm

Beyonce and Jay-Z's performance takes dirty dancing to another level

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Felicia Murphy

January 31, 2014  7:23pm

I was going to comment, but am so glad that all the MEN here have done such a stand up job of saying exactly what I was thinking! Way to go! I'm actually very disappointed that Hermeneutics would think the Carters were a great topic for anything "Christian".

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Kerwin Borntrager

January 31, 2014  6:47pm

To keep it simple, I have a simple question. If Jesus were in the crowd would he rejoice or weep for those He created and loves? I think if will pause long enough to listen to the Spirit of God within us the answer would be quite clear. I suggest we respond as Jesus would.

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Jay thompson

January 31, 2014  6:38pm

Guys, she professes that she is a Christian who "grew up singing in the church" but she DOES NOT live the life of a "Christian" woman that is led by the Holy Spirit. Both her and my "homeboy" Jay-Z are of the world and living a worldly life which is ruled by the devil and his demonic forces. I'm amazed that any of us would be surprised by the way they conduct themselves since they ARE NOT ambassadors of our Lord and Savior. We should be praying for them as we do for ALL those who don't walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sadly, wealth and fame has turned many away from God but eventually every knee will bend and every head will bow to Him.

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January 31, 2014  4:58pm

Sharon, I am sure that you mean well; but to make these comparisons continues to move us down the 'slippery slope'. The song of Solomon guides us in a better way-- Beyonce and pop culture guide us in a different way. I don't know your background and do not mean this as an attack at all; but God has called us to give Him the glory. If Beyonce did on stage what she usually does-- and the picture attached to this article indicates she is dressed as she usually is-- then it sends the wrong message about women, God and how we ought to live. This article does not work for me.

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Richard Paschall

January 31, 2014  4:30pm

To John Johnson...I guess one's perspective is important in evaluating Beyoncé's and Jay Z's performance. I guess I'm so used to married couples being more discreet in their appearance and performances. Several country music stars are married but they don't perform simulated sexual acts on stage. I really don't know what you mean by "speaks volumes." It just didn't sit well with me because of the overt sexual moves. And I agree that it's a big stretch to compare the lyrics of the song with Song of Solomon. Perhaps at 70 years of age with 5 grandchildren, I am more conscious of what role models they see and mimic. If you are saying it's better for a married couple to act out sexually in this venue than an unmarried couple, frankly, I cannot see that either choice is a good one for our young people to observe or to imitate. I regret that we have moved from people singing a song to outlandish dance moves to keep people interested.

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V Walker

January 31, 2014  4:24pm

Has anyone googled the lyrics for Beyonce's Drunken in Love or Jay z's Holy Grail song. Both songs mock Christian values.

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Jason Taylor

January 31, 2014  3:42pm

It seems to me that their song/performance was little more than a mockery of godly marriage. The fact that they are married does nothing to redeem it from it's vulgarity. The irreverence required to compare it to Song of Songs is unconscionable.

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January 31, 2014  3:10pm

With all due respect to the writer of the second and third comments, the very fact that Beyonce and Jay-Z, neither of whose music I know, stand together on the stage as a married couple doing whatever they are doing rather than two people who do not know each other and for sex would be just a recreation speaks volumes to the audience for which it was intended. Jesus did not spend his time only with those whom we might choose to spend our Sunday mornings.

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Bill Bray

January 31, 2014  12:57pm

This is a sophisticated article Sharon, but I have to agree with Jerry on this one. It is simply no SONG OF SOLOMON. Having said that, I am glad that you, and so many Christian writers are open now to celebrating married love. There has to be middle road.

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Alan Graham

January 31, 2014  12:54pm

INCREDULOUS! The song is of no redeeming social value and to even think to compare it with scripture is ludicrous. Of course, there is precious little redeeming value to anything that comes out of current pop culture and its minions. There are no "potty mouth" lyrics in any song of value. They have been married since 2008, and it is clear that their individual careers and priorities come first - family and the welfare of their child is a distant second. Christianity Today's editorial board needs to reevaluate what is important in the terms of their coverage of the fallen world around us, and I believe Beyonce and Jay-Z are part of that world and are not among those who are struggling to bring people closer to Christ.

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Alan Graham

January 31, 2014  12:53pm

INCREDULOUS! The song is of no redeeming social value and to even think to compare it with scripture is ludicrous. Of course, there is precious little redeeming value to anything that comes out of current pop culture and its minions. There is no "potty mouth" lyrics in any song of value. They have been married since 2008, and it is clear that their individual careers and priorities come first - family and the welfare of their child is a distant second. Christianity Today's editorial board needs to reevaluate what is important in the terms of their coverage of the fallen world around us, and I believe Beyonce and Jay-Z are part of that world and are not among those who are struggling to bring people closer to Christ.

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January 31, 2014  12:05pm

One could hope this uber-power marriage worth a combined $800 million beats all the fidelity and longevity odds and remains intact longer than the typical Hollywood union. But to somehow paint the Grammy performance with a brush of conservatism because "they're married" is disingenuous, as Ms. Miller so deftly reveals. I treasure a four-decades-plus marriage to a woman I have always found beautiful and sexy, but the idea of sharing an iota of our intimacy with anyone, let alone an audience of 28.5 million, is beyond imagination. And then to have the next presenter (in this case Jamie Foxx) drool a humorous apology for what he was thinking while watching his friend's wife on stage...somehow that didn't strike me as Hollywood taking the high road on intimacy within the bounds of marriage. Jerry B. Jenkins Black Forest CO

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Richard Paschall

January 31, 2014  11:49am

The major problem I had with the Beyoncé event is that it was in public, before millions. Marital love/sex is beautiful, no doubt, but I do not take away from the Song of Solomon or anyplace in Scripture, that we are to flaunt our sex before people. Intimacy is shared together, not onstage before a large audience via television. Their performance reinforces the prevailing Hollywood image of sex as cheap and public. That seems to be a perversion of God's creation to me...but I could be wrong.

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Hannah Anderson

January 31, 2014  8:48am

Thanks so much for this Sharon. I love the second to last line: "Even in marriage, we can devalue sex and dehumanize one another." This perspective was missing from a lot of the commentary surrounding Beyonce & Jay Z. Just because they were married didn't necessarily mean that their performance affirmed marriage. Great work!

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