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Jenny Roca

February 27, 2014  6:14pm

Thank you for this article....... I would have liked to read it 40 years ago.....but, never too late. I remember a priest told me that I tempt boys in the church, because I have a big butt; therefore I have to wear only skirts , but not pants, even if it was winter at minus 30 degrees Celsius. He also said that pants are a man- wearing, and women should not wear pants. Something similar was told by padre pio of pitralcina. I wonder if men can wear skirts in the winter to freeze their internal organs.... or who said that pants belong to men, only? That priest instilled in me that my body is ugly, and, more than that, if boys have sexual sins, that is my fault....

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Noel Payne

February 27, 2014  2:00am

There are many Christian Naturists living in the "West" those of us who respect ourselves, respect others and respect for Gods Creation. We live as nudists and are not ashamed of our bodies. Nudism is not about sex. No where does the scriptures condemn people for being nude with exception of those who are forced to be nude (ie. slaves who cannot afford clothes for protection/warmth) and where sinful sexual relationships are involved. Isaiah, King David and even Christ were naked at times and never condemned for it. Visit a nudist resort or a beach and see for yourself. Google nudism and the Bible and do studies on the scriptures. There is even research to confirm that the early Church Baptised nude. For those of us who also follow Naturist philosophy, it parrallels the scriptures teaching about the beauty of all creation of our place to care, manage and honour nature.

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Jason Whittington

February 26, 2014  9:21am

I use the term "Creation Steward". "Christian Environmentalist" just sounds sooo wrong.

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