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March 16, 2012  10:33am

The logic used to justify abortion and after-birth abortion or whatever someone chooses to call it is the same as what was used for African slaves in the US and Jews in Nazi Germany, that is, define the one in question as a nonperson and then deprive them of the protection of the law. Who will be next? Old people who require too much medical care? Children with autism? Anyone with wrong political ideas? Once the concept of humans being created in the image of God is lost, the boundary becomes arbitrary, and in becoming arbitrary it disappears.

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March 11, 2012  8:48pm

Thank you, Anonymous, for the excellent point and hard questions you raise. It really does take a community, doesn't it? And that is why the church is a BODY not an individual. Thank you for your poignant reminder.

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Doreen Ashley

March 11, 2012  2:05pm

Thank you for this article. I am the parent of a young woman with a disability and also a professional who works with families of children with disabilities. This kind of thinking has been an undercurrent in the medical system for some time. Parents are regularly told that their child would be better off not being born and they must be "responsible" and not burden our society by bringing them into the world. Infanticide is the next logical step in this thinking. As Christians we ,must be willing to open our hearts, churches, and frankly pocketbooks to families who nave children with disabilities. I have heard (and experienced) too many stories of churches that reject these precious ones for a litany of reasons : "We don't know how to work with these kids", "They disturb the other childen-or adults" and in some cases"we don't want them here". We also must be aware of the cost both financially and emotionally to families. Are we willing to help them? Raising a child with a disability is expensive. Are we offering the family respite? Are we helping with medical bills? Are we helping them with therapies? Are we letting our own children have a playdate with them? I cringe when I here some of my conservative Christian friends use rhetoric that talks about "personal responsibility" and smaller government. These very same arguments can be used to encourage a family to abort a child with a disability and the very government programs or policies may be used to support the child to live a good life. In my own state we have seen services for people with disabilities take huge cuts-impacting families greatly. There has been no corresponding increase in help from the private sector, or sadly from the church. So I hope along with your very appropriate outrage will come a real sense of need to do something for families who live this everyday, and worry about what the future holds for our children

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March 08, 2012  8:48am

Isn't "after-birth abortion" an oxymoron? How can you "abort" a baby that's been born? Let's be like the Brits and call it what it is - infanticide, baby killing or just plain murder. (I love the British tabloids for calling a spade a spade.)

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March 07, 2012  1:53pm

the personhood of corporations has actually been a long-running legal debate, though usually a quiet one out of the public's attention. the reason it has been established is because only persons can be taxed. if you want to tax corporations, they must be 'persons.' it is interesting to see people like steve react to this journal article with instant denial: no one i know thinks this would be ok! well, the authors of the journal article do! and then there's the netherlands. just becausue you don't like it doesn't mean you can say it ain't so! very sad state of affairs where only the strong or the useful are deemed worthy of survival.

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Displaying 1–5 of 41 comments.

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