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Megan Hill

Megan Hill

Megan Hill has been a museum tour guide, a Latin teacher, and a nanny in the Scottish Highlands. Originally from Connecticut, she graduated with a degree in English from Grove City College and now lives in Mississippi. She has written articles for Focus on the Family, The Gospel Coalition, byFaith, and Christianity Today. When she's not reading or writing, she bakes a mean oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Megan and her husband, Rob, are the parents of three young boys. You can find her blogging about life as a pastor's wife at

Even on Thanksgiving, It’s Okay to Ask for More

How our requests to God can actually fuel our gratefulness.

Go Ahead, Say the Wrong Thing

Never say, ‘never say’: How our lists and language rules may be over-the-top.

Let Them Eat Dirt

Undoing the guilt, delusion, and obsession of today’s parents.

When Parenting Gets Lost in the Details

In a wave of books for modern moms, Gloria Furman’s gospel meditations offer a simple goal.

Advice to Women: Marry an Evangelist

Has scriptural instruction become merely optional in our marriages?

Why Jesus Doesn't Belong in Christmas Décor

Our attempts to portray our Savior, babe or not, fall sinfully short.

My Family, In Black and White

Yes, we are different races. You can stop staring now.

Beware of Baby Envy

Since biblical times, women have struggled to rejoice at another’s pregnancy.

The Very Worst Trend Ever

How our love of brokenness actually fails us.

The Sunday Sports Dilemma

The practice young athletes really need? Worship.

The Good Heart of the Adoption Movement

Kathryn Joyce's book, 'The Child Catchers,' misses out on how adoption benefits women.

Big Theology for Little Kids

Thanks to catechism, my young ones can tell you a thing or two about justification, salvation, and repentance.

My Child's Backstory Is None of Your Business

A call for discretion, respect, and neighborly love in adoption.

It's OK to Talk Like a Christian

Skip the trendy vocab, not the biblical terms.

Sin at the Clearance Rack

A bargain diva will tell you: Pride isn't just for big-spenders.

What to Do When Your Child Is Nothing Like You

The gospel answer to the challenges posed by family differences.

Can Breadwinner Wives Be Happy?

That's the central question of Sandra Tsing Loh's latest 'Atlantic' essay. As a stay-at-home wife, I have a few suggestions.

Adopting a Kid, Not a Cause

What ever happened to adopting simply out of the desire to have children?

Keeping It Real: The Truth about Authenticity

Do we Christians even understand what the buzzword means?