interview | Discipleship
A Stroke Freed Me to Redefine Beauty
Former model Katherine Wolf reveals how a nearly fatal experience altered her faith.
interview | Discipleship. A Stroke Freed Me to Redefine Beauty. The former beauty queen, model, and mother to a then-six-month- old baby boy had to redefine her life.
Opinion | Sexuality
A Bikinied Muslim Miss USASubscriber access only
The backlash to Rima Fakih's win suggests mainstream America still wants their national beauties to be Christian.
When I tell people that I study religion and beauty pageants in America, they usually ask, "What do beauty pageants have to do with religion?" "Everything," I reply.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Why We Love, and Hate, 'Honey Boo Boo'Subscriber access only
The new reality show's popularity reveals our cultural weariness and hunger for something more.
Mama gives Honey Boo Boo "go-go juice," a concoction of equal parts Mountain Dew and Red Bull, to energize her daughter before she competes in beauty pageants. (Well, okay …).
Opinion | Church
Five-Senses Spirituality: Why Our Whole Bodies Need GodSubscriber access only
'Awaken Your Senses' teaches Christians to know the Father through our flesh.
Images, incense, Christmas pageants, even instruments were suspect. animals, birds, trees, oil and wine all speak in their various ways of God's infinite wisdom, beauty, and love.