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13 Books to Read with Your Kids This Summer
What books would I take to a desert island—if my children came with me?
What books would I take to a desert island—if my children came with me? I also wanted to list books that, rather than being just “good for children,” are universally good stories.
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Between Two Cultures: How Latina Christians Approach Leadership
Yvette Santana pilots a new project to coalesce Hispanic women.
With nearly 58 million Hispanics residing stateside and one in every four children born in the United States being Hispanic, the US Census Bureau identifies the Hispanic population as
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The Pay Gap Is Worse for Pastor-Moms
How being married with kids complicates church compensation.
One of the criticisms she heard lobbied against her (from congregants who ultimately left the church) was based on her family status: She's a mom of young children and therefore
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How to Binge Watch Like a Believer
The acclaimed cultural critic Andy Crouch says parents, not kids, are the key to a tech-wise family.
have a more complicated job in raising their kids today than previous generations—primarily because they have the added responsibility of monitoring their children's technology use.
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When ‘You’re Pregnant’ Feels Like Bad News
How can the church help those who are grieving motherhood?
Parenthood left her “exhausted” and “bankrupt,” she says, and many readers agreed, writing in their own stories of regret over their decisions to have children.
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Book List: Our Favorite New Releases for Kids
10 faith-enriching picture books.
We've reviewed some of the newest releases from Christian publishers to identify top-notch picture books that will engage children's souls and aid in their spiritual formation.
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The Key to Raising Kind Kids
Harvard psychologist Richard Weissbourd says it’s closer than you think.
Two years ago, a headline-grabbing study in Current Biology concluded that religious children from around the world shared less than those from non-religious homes.
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When Mother’s Day Feels Like a Minefield
Let's reimagine ways we can honor mothers without wounding others.
Bonnie, a mother of a beautiful adopted daughter, tells of one Mother's Day when her pastor invited children to hand out chocolate kisses to their mothers.
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Why Are Our Children So Anxious?
Unpacking the reasons behind childhood and adolescent anxiety—and the hope we find in the gospel.
Why Are Our Children So Anxious? Experts believe the rising number of children and adolescents dealing with anxiety is the result of several cultural, biological, and familial factors.
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Give Your Kids the Gift of Absence
Time and attention are not the only ways to bless our children.
Give Your Kids the Gift of Absence. Time and attention are not the only ways to bless our children. In the years since then, I've learned that time is not the only gift we give our children.
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Talking with My Kids About Death
How my husband and I are fumbling through some of the hardest—and holiest—conversations we’ve ever had.
But really, the conversation had only begun—and, like many other families touched by grief, we were left wondering how to talk to our children about death. The Unavoidable Topic.
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When Your Spouse Is Mentally Ill
My husband’s schizoaffective disorder devastated our family. Here’s what I’ve learned in the years since he was first diagnosed.
Though I wanted to curl up in the fetal position, I couldn't. I had small children and a house payment. I either had to get a smaller sofa or figure out how to carry this one by myself.
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Thou Shalt Not Bail
The bailing trend is an understandable byproduct of a busy culture. But is it Christian?
yes? Jen Pollock Michel is the award-winning author of Teach Us to Want and Keeping Place. She lives with her husband and five children in Toronto.
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Dispatches from Charlottesville: What Happens When Neo-Nazis Are Outside Your Church Doors
The protesters came with torches. We sang, “This Little Light of Mine.”
of Charlottesville's contented citizens and progressive politics—packed with townies in hiking gear or polo shirts and families making their way to the children's museum—turned into a
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How a Disney Ballerina Ended Up Fighting Modern Slavery
A director of church mobilization for International Justice Mission says women can’t have it all, but they can have something better.
day slavery at a conference. He showed a short clip of young children being rescued, and I saw those children as my children. I started to wrestle with
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‘Big Little Lies’ Tells the Truth
How the new HBO murder-mystery series gets motherhood right.
For Celeste, the possibility of children seems to impact the way she handles her troubled marriage and how little she chooses to reveal even to her best friend.
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10 Books You Should Read to Your Kids This Christmas
I celebrate the season by reading stories to my kids. Here are our favorites.
You can even do it lying down or in your favorite chair. It's reading. Years ago, our family started accumulating a small collection of the many Christmas books written for children.
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How Do We Parent Our Kids During This Political Season?
Twenty women weigh in with their perspectives.
you responding? What specific Christian virtues do you want to model for and instill in your children as you parent during this political season? The tone
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Belonging Is About More Than Biology
As an adoptee and adoptive mom, God is teaching me about his welcoming love.
attached (see Luke 14:12–14). This is our invitation—to give our children a feast and not demand a repayment that they cannot offer. Instead, we share in the
Our Homemaker, Who Art in Heaven
Modern women have a complicated relationship with domesticity—but God points us toward the true meaning of home.
God's creative acts are not simply intended for the sake of aesthetic but as joyful preparation for God's children, who arrive at the threshold of the world on the sixth day.