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Are Smart, Educated Women Still Called to the Church Nursery?
For women like me, children’s ministry can seem like low-level work for the least experienced.
For women like me, children's ministry can seem like low-level work for the least experienced. Before I went to seminary, I worked as a regular volunteer in children's ministry.
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Online Tribalism Threatens Women’s Ministry
From our special issue: reflections on discipleship in a fractured age.
While many churches recognize the need to staff and fund organized children's and youth ministries, fewer do the same for women's ministry, even though women statistically represent
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The Pay Gap Is Worse for Pastor-Moms
How being married with kids complicates church compensation.
fellow CT publication) shows that pay gaps between men and women are highest for positions with lower salaries, including staff who oversee worship, children's ministry, youth ministry
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When I Lost a Daughter, My Children Lost a Sister
Helping kids heal after sibling loss.
Opinion | Family. When I Lost a Daughter, My Children Lost a Sister. Helping kids heal after sibling loss. Meadow Rue Helping children heal. “Children will
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Six Ways to Inspire Confident, Contagious Faith in Your Kids
How do we help children and teens contend with the big questions? An apologist offers her take.
How do we help children and teens contend with the big questions? An apologist offers her take. It's not a question of if our children's views will be challenged, but when.
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Dispatches from Charlottesville: What Happens When Neo-Nazis Are Outside Your Church Doors
The protesters came with torches. We sang, “This Little Light of Mine.”
in hiking gear or polo shirts and families making their way to the children's museum—turned She lives with her husband in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she works in lay ministry in the
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Book List: Our Favorite New Releases for Kids
10 faith-enriching picture books.
We've reviewed some of the newest releases from Christian publishers to identify top-notch picture books that will engage children's souls and aid in their spiritual formation.
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A Stroke Freed Me to Redefine Beauty
Former model Katherine Wolf reveals how a nearly fatal experience altered her faith.
is that it will inform the rest of my life as well as my husband and children's lives. To learn more about Katherine and Jay Wolf's story and ministry, visit the Hope Heals website and follow
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Give Your Kids the Gift of Absence
Time and attention are not the only ways to bless our children.
absence played a notable role in his ministry, and that he withdrew at times to attend to his own needs and to grow the disciples' leadership. As the mother of three young children, I'm
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How Government Support Saved Me
Signing up for food stamps changed my view of poverty in America.
It came as a little bit of a surprise to me—I had, after all, been a part of the WIC (women, infants, and children) program for almost seven years, starting with my first child.
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Why Millions Watched this Church Christmas Video
The underage narrators get the story right. Almost.
They prompted children to imagine scenes of the famous biblical narrative. What was Mary doing when the angel came to her? Just as Jesus invited the children to come to him (Matt.
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What Women Want: More Opportunities to ServeSubscriber access only
Need Christians to help and lead at church? I know plenty.
Some might consider women's desire to take on roles beyond the children's ministry as a form of entitlement mentality. Yet, this is our calling to the Christian
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Why Advent Is More Jewish Than You Think
As a Messianic Jew, I see the rich origins of this liturgical season.
My husband and I are both Jewish followers of Jesus and wanted our children to connect with the hope and history embedded in both observances.
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Motherhood Is Physical—and So Is the Gospel
Encountering the Incarnation in birthing, breastfeeding, and bathing.
After my children's bath, I have been more than sprinkled with water—doused is more like it. She is a mother of three and serves alongside her husband in a community-based ministry.
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Trusting the Church After AbuseSubscriber access only
How I found comfort in continuing the conversation.
Speaking to my senior pastor was only a first step. Picking up my eldest from Sunday school, I pulled aside the children's ministry director, and asked if we could grab coffee later.
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A Hidden Opportunity in Your ChurchSubscriber access only
How Christ-centered hospitality can help families affected by autism.
Is the format of your kids' ministry too overwhelming for their child will often require extra attention and care, beyond what a Sunday school teacher can provide in a class full of children.
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Q+A: The Story Behind the Jesus Storybook Bible
Sally Lloyd-Jones wrote a kids Bible so popular that they’re releasing an adult version.
with children, and some friends have said they experienced the text differently without children, as more and are there lessons for us to learn about the way we do ministry among adults
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Why We Really Put Our Kids in Sports
Our goodhearted support prioritizes athleticism more than we think.
rethink why we want our offspring to be bigger, faster, and stronger than the children of other parents, who are image bearers of their Creator, too. And the very life and ministry of Jesus
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Christian Couple Responds After #ShareACoke Baby Announcement Goes ViralSubscriber access only
Dad-to-be: “The beauty of the video was that we didn’t intend for this to happen.”
Weeks earlier, with the cameras off, Whitney told her husband, a children's ministry pastor, that she was expecting. They shared special, private moments telling family and close friends.
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My Toddler Survived Brain Cancer—Here’s What I Learned
7 things you should know, from a mom who’s been there
its midst. In these situations, we often we feel at a loss for words, utterly stunned that such young, innocent children face such punishing diseases. As