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Dispatches from Charlottesville: What Happens When Neo-Nazis Are Outside Your Church Doors
The protesters came with torches. We sang, “This Little Light of Mine.”
Opinion | Church. Dispatches from Charlottesville: What Happens When Neo-Nazis Are Outside Your Church Doors. Paul's Memorial Episcopal Church in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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Between Two Cultures: How Latina Christians Approach Leadership
Yvette Santana pilots a new project to coalesce Hispanic women.
The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) has recently established one such She also serves as women's discipleship coordinator for the Church of God
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The Pay Gap Is Worse for Pastor-Moms
How being married with kids complicates church compensation.
may be a tendency to view women with children as dependent on the primary income of the husband,” said Halee Gray Scott, an expert in women's leadership in the church and author
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Thou Shalt Not Bail
The bailing trend is an understandable byproduct of a busy culture. But is it Christian?
and the ruination of all we hold dear,” as Brooks points out, but our habits of excuse making are not without cost and consequence, especially in a community like the local church.
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The Great Female Commission
Mentorship expert Natasha Sistrunk Robinson on how to draw all women into the work of discipleship.
women for various reasons often feel marginalized in the local church context and feel You're spearheading an organization called Leadership LINKS Inc., geared toward mentorship of
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What Young Black Women Need from Their Black Brothers—and the Church
African American women still face significant challenges in their relationships with men.
us, the confidantes to whom we turn to for unconditional love, support, and leadership. University in Indianapolis, grew up in Chicago in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church.
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Why Evangelism Requires Both Logic and Loveliness
An apologist argues that beauty and imagination are key to faith formation.
Traditional church architecture and imagery is a language developed over the centuries of the church's life, varying in its dialect in different times and places, but with a common
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How Discipleship Is Transforming Nairobi, One Woman at a Time
Women in urban East Africa face challenges that are both unique and universal.
In most sectors of society in Africa, including the church, there are very few women in top leadership positions. That space is simply not safe for women, nor is it open to them.
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Happy Birthday, Dear Church
Why Pentecost Sunday is worth celebrating.
Opinion | Church. Happy Birthday, Dear Church. However, if you attend a non-liturgical church, you may have no idea when Pentecost Sunday occurs.
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What the Single in Your Pew Needs from You
Singles are on the rise. Here’s what forward-looking churches need to know.
Opinion | Church. What the Single in Your Pew Needs from You. Singles are on the rise. Here's marrieds. The church, however, doesn't reflect those numbers.
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Why White-Centered Discipleship Hurts Us All
A vision for bringing racial equity to the spiritual training of women.
leadership and inclusive diversity strategist in New York City, grew up in conservative fundamentalist evangelical churches. She recalls her desire to talk about race with church leaders
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How Single Women Became an Unstoppable Force in Bible Translation
Female missionaries have propelled the movement to bring Scripture to every tribe and tongue.
When women in the 1930s and '40s challenged the church's hesitancy to send female missionaries into remote areas, the early leadership of what would eventually become Wycliffe
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Middle-Aged Women Face a Crisis of Discipleship
Are churches missing out on discipling those in midlife?
retirees with time on their hands) are actively involved in ministry outside the church, caregiving an While we need the collaboration and care of pastoral and lay leadership, those of us
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Six Ways Men Can Support Women's Discipleship
Male clergy and laity who want to enable women's ministry often don't know how to get involved or what to do.
on CT Women, designed to generate a new conversation about women's leadership and discipleship. Today, Trillia Newbell invites men in the church to support women's discipleship.
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Study: Female Pastors Are on the Rise
And so are our impossible expectations for them.
For Restauri, leadership is just one more area where perfection is expected and thus one more Whether in the office or in the church, we will inevitably interact with leaders who are not
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Women’s Discipleship In-Depth
Our Amplify Women series.
Rather than contain the conversation in one piece, we offer a multiplicity of voices on various topics that all intersect at the nexus point of women's discipleship and the church.
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Why Are Evangelical Women at Planned Parenthood?
What a recent Marie Claire report gets wrong—and right—about evangelicals and abortion.
What made her story even more troubling was that the person who had driven Jackie to Planned Parenthood was a friend from church. Clearly, the church has a major problem.
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Why Christians Should Avoid Watching Rape Scenes
What if there's a hidden human cost to our entertainment?
ever advance their holiness. Throughout church history, though, church leaders were as interested in how theater affected actors. For example, in the
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Finding My 'True Self' As a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
In my young-adult struggle with sexual identity, both legalistic condemnation and progressive license left me floundering.
As Christians debate homosexuality in the context of our current culture, the church—like the rest of our country—is experiencing growing division and is now sharply polarized over an
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Can Robots Be Sexist?
How artificial intelligence might reinforce and amplify gender stereotypes.
How artificial intelligence might reinforce and amplify gender stereotypes.