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Opinion | Family
Who’s the Most Excited About Brio? Probably Moms
We grew up on glossies. Our daughters want a different medium.
Image: Focus on the Family. Women raised youth culture? Focus on the Family says Brio is a break from the norm for girls today—but sees that as its advantage.
Opinion | Church
When Mother’s Day Feels Like a Minefield
Let's reimagine ways we can honor mothers without wounding others.
to honor mothers in some way, but rather than attracting women with its special focus, legions either a devoted mother of five who has beautifully cared for her home and family, tells me
Reporting | Pop Culture
Making Music and Babies: Christian Singers Open Up About Motherhood
For artists like Kari Jobe and Audrey Assad, family comes first, but that doesn’t mean their careers go away.
she'd have to stop looking beside her for comparison and critique and instead focus on Jesus Working in the music industry has given their family the opportunity to talk about calling and
Reporting | Family
The Key to Raising Kind Kids
Harvard psychologist Richard Weissbourd says it’s closer than you think.
his colleagues argue that the key to fostering moral development is to focus on your At our nation's beginning, childhood meant participating in the family's provision of basic needs (for
Opinion | Pop Culture
The Crown: Balancing Family and Calling Is a Royal Pain
The Netflix series focuses on the pressure around the monarch's marriage.
The Crown brings into focus how much the story of Elizabeth's transition into leadership is affairs of a nation and punctuated by moments of great human feeling among (royal) family.
Opinion | Church
6 Things Your Church Can Do During the Refugee Ban
The recent executive order has thrust refugees and resettlement agencies into limbo. Here’s how you can help.
plans on hold—at least for the next several months—and thrust our refugee family, along with Consider holding a book study or Sunday school class in which you focus on the historical
Opinion | Family
Before I Could Forgive, I Had to Lament
I needed to do more than hide my bruises and cover my pain.
Her situation seemed so vastly different from the abuse I had experienced in my family. We need God's help to forgive, and we need a heavenly perspective to shift our focus off us and
Opinion | Family
How to Address America’s Foster Care Crisis? It Takes a Village
The next wave of the evangelical adoption movement will rely on the church's support.
In Colorado, Focus on the Family, Project 1:27, and other Christian nonprofits worked with the state's Department of Human Services to lower the number of waiting kids in foster care
Opinion | Family
10 Books You Should Read to Your Kids This Christmas
I celebrate the season by reading stories to my kids. Here are our favorites.
focus on the African American experience (including two of my personal favorites, Goin' Someplace Special and Flossie and the Fox). In this Christmas tale, she tells the story of a family
Reporting | Family
Melinda Gates: Why Women Are the Best Investment
Women have the power to transform society. But here’s what they need to make it happen.
Why does the foundation primarily focus on women? We know that for every marginal dollar a woman gets in her hands, she's twice as likely [as a man] to pile it back into her family.
Reporting | Church
How Single Women Became an Unstoppable Force in Bible Translation
Female missionaries have propelled the movement to bring Scripture to every tribe and tongue.
to be single, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do it if I had a family to answer Women mostly feel free to focus on the work they were called to in the first place—getting more people access
Opinion | Family
Imagining a Better Marriage Actually Improved Mine
Rather than living in ongoing resentment, I sensed God calling me to refocus.
Opinion | Family. Imagining a Better Marriage Actually Improved Mine. The vision of what could be was in particularly sharp focus that warm summer evening.
Opinion | Discipleship
Lent, Unplugged
In a time of digital consumption, here’s how the church can lead the way on healthy media fasting.
40 days, we set aside distractions and vices in order to practice self-denial, focus on repentance their digital devices aside more regularly, for an hour, for the length of a family dinner or
excerpt | Family
Motherhood Is Physical—and So Is the Gospel
Encountering the Incarnation in birthing, breastfeeding, and bathing.
that bring us into the presence of God, that are sacred and hallowed, that draw our focus unto the very The food that feeds my family crumbles through my hands too, all day, every day.
Opinion | Discipleship
Why Advent Is More Jewish Than You Think
As a Messianic Jew, I see the rich origins of this liturgical season.
Our family began using those little Advent calendars with a Bible verse for each day, and Though the focus of the season was on preparing church members to welcome the newborn
interview | Family
How to Get Our Girls Into Scripture
Erin Weidemann, founder of Bible Belles, wants to introduce young women to brave female role models.
interview | Family. How to Get Our Girls Into Scripture. Erin message? Book four, Ruth, is where the series takes an important turn away from a focus on self.
Opinion | Sexuality
The Pro-Life Case for Paid Maternity Leave
Where are the conservative Christians rallying for working moms?
Our discussions of women and work tend to focus (critically) on the woman advancing her career at the expense of her family, rather than the woman who has no choice but to work to
Opinion | Sexuality
Why Adult Coloring Works for Christians
I mocked the coloring book trend, until I discovered it for myself.
hobbies. I, too, mocked the trend right up until I started coloring this year as a therapy tool and discovered that it settles my mind and helps me focus.
Opinion | Family
Adoption Doesn’t ‘Fix’ KidsSubscriber access only
Responding to childhood trauma with Christ’s love, not tough love.
These crucial differences are at the core of our foster care adoption education and training at Focus on the Family. Before beginning the foster care adoption
excerpt | Discipleship
God's Feminist Ideals
We're created to be image bearers and justice seekers.
Western women's rights discussions often focus on the fact that woman is an autonomous self sometimes lay down their rights for the good of another in God's interdependent family.
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