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Loving Our Pro-Choice Neighbors in Word and DeedSubscriber access only
What we say about abortion matters, even if we act peacefully.
Opinion | Sexuality. Loving Our Pro-Choice Neighbors in Word and Deed. What we say about abortion matters, even if we act peacefully. Karen Swallow
Women’s March Sets Out to Exclude 40 Percent of American Women
What pro-life feminists actually have in common with their pro-choice counterparts.
and say, “Dude, how can we help women better?” Because it's not pro-choice when a how much Christian women like her share with the core values of today's feminist movement:
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The Surprisingly Positive Legacy of the Kermit Gosnell Case
How the worst of the abortion industry brought out the best of pro-life advocacy.
the criminal aspects of the abortion industry and a reason to reinvigorate the pro-life movement. No reasonable person—pro-life or pro-choice—could read the grand jury report and not
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Why Abortion Workers Need Our Forgiveness and Support
Some pro-life advocates view Planned Parenthood employees as killers complicit in crimes. Abby Johnson sees them as people worth rescuing.
movement. The pregnancy center movement is beautiful, but we're very fragmented, very scattered. legislation. It's not pro-life or pro-choice; it's pro-woman legislation.
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Changing Minds on Abortion
5 former abortion advocates speak out
Story of Norma McCorvey that she eventually began to speak out in support of abortion rights in order to justify her conduct and became a national figure for the pro-choice movement.
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How to Counter the Economic Argument for Abortion
To provide a persuasive alternative, the church must offer holistic, long-term support.
To provide a persuasive alternative, the church must offer holistic, long-term support.
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Being Pro-Life Has Never Been EasySubscriber access only
Our trust in God outweighs our fear.
More than that, the pro-choice movement has become more vocal and more critical of our convictions. When we speak out for life, we get accused of
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The Feminist Fight Against AbortionSubscriber access only
Hearing from the progressive and pro-woman Christians siding with life.
What frustrates me about the pro-choice movement is the lengths to which advocates go to de-humanize unborn children and sanitize the abortion procedure, reducing life to nothing
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The Micro-Premie Dilemma
Does NICU technology change our pro-life obligations?
The Supreme Court declares abortion legal for all non-viable fetuses, meaning that the earlier a baby can survive the harder it becomes to use viability as a pro-choice argument.
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Banning Abortion Based on Down Syndrome?Subscriber access only
Why I’d rather see parents get the facts… then choose life.
the “pro-information” movement. This movement attempts to sidestep the politics that divide pro-life from pro-choice. The “pro-information” approach acknowledges
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The Secret Shame of Abortion in the ChurchSubscriber access only
A more public discussion of abortion stories can lead the way to healing.
Pro-choice activists attribute this reluctance to a pervasive stigma that stems from society's “shame-based message that abortion is wrong.” They try to remove this shame by defending
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Life Begins Before the WombSubscriber access only
Amid IVF dilemmas and frozen embryos, we have new chances to affirm a pro-life ethic.
engaged. 0; tweet; link; email; print. As the pro-choice argument goes, a woman should have the right to decide what happens within her own body. If she
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A Real Happily-Ever-After for Babies With Down SyndromeSubscriber access only
Abortion, adoption, and yet again, ignorance over special needs.
This attitude extends beyond one post or one site. It serves as a prime example of the pro-choice movement becoming increasingly blinded by ideology.
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No Exceptions: The Case for a Consistent Pro-Life EthicSubscriber access only
Is unborn life not worth protecting in cases of rape and incest?
herring of "legitimate rape" has a long history within the pro-life movement, partly because Granted, it was the pro-choice crowd that cried "rape" first, bringing before the Supreme Court
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When Abortion Hits HomeSubscriber access only
As more women open up, we’re faced with the heartbreaking realization that abortion affects us all.
As more women open up, we're faced with the heartbreaking realization that abortion affects us all.
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Why the New Planned Parenthood Controversy Raises Old QuestionsSubscriber access only
The world is waking up to a conflict pro-life women have faced for years.
That story was greeted with a storm of protest by the pro-choice movement, and loud cheers from pro-lifers. Many of these pro-lifers, who had long been
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Why This Black Christian No Longer Toes the Democratic Party LineSubscriber access only
Regardless of race, Christians are to vote by conscience, not blind allegiance.
My Journey. Growing up, I knew simply that the civil rights movement was powered by Democrats and that therefore Republicans were against us—against me. I had been pro-choice.
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What the 'After-Birth Abortion' and 'Personhood' Debates Have in CommonSubscriber access only
If there is 'no moral difference' between infants and fetuses, where do we draw the line?
pro-life movement couldn't come at a better time. Attempts at state legislation on abortion around the time of the article's publication became rallying points for pro-choice advocates as
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Sarah Palin's Rogue CommentsSubscriber access only
The 2012 presidential hopeful calls people who ask whether mothers should work outside the home "Neanderthals," telling them to "evolve" on Fox News last week.
Mondale in 1984, was criticized at the time by Catholic bishops for her pro-choice stance. otherwise, don't like is this: The leading figure of the Tea Party movement seems increasingly