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Opinion | Sexuality
Glennon Doyle Melton's Gospel of Self-Fulfillment
Why living your truth bravely isn't enough.
The tree bursts into glorious bloom, bearing the fruit of the Spirit (cf. Gal. 5:22, 23). Love, joy, peace, patience, self-control: that fruit is for our eternal flourishing, and it feeds the world.
Save Your Soul: Stop Writing
In the age of push-button publishing, self-disclosure isn't always God's best.
Save Your Soul: Stop Writing. In the age of push-button publishing, self-disclosure isn't always God's best. Lore Ferguson Wilbert. Image: Omarukai / Flickr. 0; tweet; link; email; print.
Opinion | formertcwissue
Confessions of a Controlling Wife
My journey from cheerleader to critic and back again
My journey from cheerleader to critic and back again.
Opinion | Sexuality
When Sex Leaves You Wanting More
Reflecting on female libido and Christian marriage.
It takes much wisdom and maturity to discern lustful impulse from God-given desire, and much grace and self-control to live in the tension of unmet desire (see Tara Owens' insightful
Opinion | Pop Culture
Sin Gone ViralSubscriber access only
How Internet outrage hits deep.
Sin breeds more sin. Rather than respond redemptively—in love, peace, and self-control—we make new ways for sin to steal, kill, and destroy. Knowing
Opinion | Sexuality
God Loves My Fat Body As It IsSubscriber access only
My weight does not hurt my witness.
As a teen, I thought that being a good, effective Christian meant being thin. Fatness was associated with a lack of self-control, one of the fruits of the Spirit.
Opinion | Sexuality
Is It Okay to Be "Fat"?Subscriber access only
It’s time to dethrone the idol of physical perfection.
According to our cultural messages, being fat means having no self-control, it means being careless about oneself (and therefore careless toward others), and it means not being happy
Opinion | Sexuality
Choose Your Own Sexual Ethics AdventureSubscriber access only
A critique of purity culture turns into a plea for self-centered sexuality.
and Paul to support it. When it comes to ideas like treating each other with respect and exercising self-control, she's on solid ground. Yet as she freely
Opinion | Sexuality
Believing in a Better Modesty MovementSubscriber access only
How we teach purity through a celebration of beauty and self-respect.
Respect of others, and even of ourselves, requires self-control. This is one, though not the only reason, that our sexual lives must be characterized by self-control.
Opinion | Sexuality
The Real Problem With Female MasturbationSubscriber access only
Call it what it is: Ladies who lust.
When men talk about masturbation (or at least what I have heard and read), everyone pretty much settles on the basics: It's hard to practice self-control. It's hard to resist indulging in lust.
Opinion | Sexuality
How the Other Half Reads: What I Learned from a Book on ManhoodSubscriber access only
Discovering the universal truth in our gender-specific teachings.
personhood perfectly. He demonstrated love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Gal. 5:22). He had
Opinion | Sexuality
Have We Made an Idol out of Virginity?Subscriber access only
Gospel-centered sexuality is about much more than "purity."
the Creator? How can we stop acting as if purity can be ours by an act of will, as though wise choices and self-control could make us pure? How can
Opinion | formertcwissue
Are We Too Quick to Cry "Bully"?
We diminish a serious problem when we label every conflict “bullying.”
bullies. Thanks to the Spirit God gave us, we can have power in the face of adversity. We can choose to show love and self-control. Bullying or Conflict? My
Opinion | Pop Culture
Is Parental Discipline a Black-and-White Issue? Subscriber access only
Two Christian moms address the cultural divide over how we punish our kids.
Not without years of hard work, prayer, and time spent learning self-control, anyway. But more importantly, if we use peace to train up child, then peace is the way he or she shall go.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Teaching Teenagers to Manage Invisible MoneySubscriber access only
With spending a click away, our financial lessons are even more urgent.
and spending. Seeing her gains, both in self-control and monetary understanding, cause me to examine my own personal finance habits. Even though
Opinion | Pop Culture
Candace Cameron Bure: On Her Christian Faith and Her Own 'Full House'Subscriber access only
After years of growing her family and her faith, the former child star is balancing it all.
Anybody can lash out at anybody, either verbally or even physically. But when you have self-control it takes a lot of strength. Again, my husband and I do marriage together.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Finding a Feminine Theology in C. S. Lewis's NarniaSubscriber access only
Spiritual heroism gets rooted in love and mercy.
Qualities such as self-control, meekness, patience, and peace sound quite out of vogue; "Let's see how far the meek, patient, and peace-loving female can succeed," I can hear the cynic
Opinion | Sexuality
Stop Telling Christian Singles What They Can't DoSubscriber access only
Celebrating the rich possibilities of chastity
Now, to be very clear, I believe the sexual standard God calls us to is the self-control of abstinent singleness and faithful, self-giving monogamy within marriage.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Why We Need Paternity LeaveSubscriber access only
Having Dad take time off sets up a more balanced family life.
Instead of advocating for self-control and mutual respect and care in sexual relationships, we've determined that girls can be just like boys in their hookups, infidelities, and exploits.
Opinion | Sexuality
The Secret Women's Porn ProblemSubscriber access only
We may not talk much about women’s addiction to erotica, but it’s happening.
relationship with a guy in my church. We were both Christians, but neither had any self-control or a strong conviction about premarital sex. We swore it off at first
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