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Opinion | Sexuality
Singleness: My Only Companion
I've never been in a serious relationship despite my desire to one day marry. God is teaching me to hold that desire loosely. 
Opinion | Sexuality. Singleness: My Only Companion. 0; tweet; link; email; print. I have always been reluctant to contribute to the cacophony of opinions about singleness.
Reporting | Discipleship
4 Things Beth Moore Taught Me About Writing
What the biggest name in women’s Bible studies wants the next generation to know.
When I started writing a book on singleness, I wanted a whole chapter on blind dates. The most sensitive chapters in my upcoming book deal with singleness and sexuality.
Opinion | Sexuality
The Grief, Happiness, and Hope of Late-in-Life SinglenessSubscriber access only
What I learned from decades of asking, “Why am I still alone?”
Opinion | Sexuality. The Grief, Happiness, and Hope of Late-in-Life Singleness. What counterparts. As I passed 40, then neared 50, my singleness felt like grief.
Opinion | Sexuality
What Could Possibly Be Wrong with Christian Masturbation?
In both marriage and singleness, our bodies are not just for ourselves.
Opinion | Sexuality. What Could Possibly Be Wrong with Christian Masturbation? In both marriage and singleness, our bodies are not just for ourselves.
Opinion | Sexuality
Porn and the Singleness PanicSubscriber access only
Why the state of marriage doesn’t mean we lower our standards.
Opinion | Sexuality. Porn and the Singleness Panic. Why children? Here's what happened: They saw singleness increasing within the church and started to panic.
Don’t Call Me Out at Your Wedding for Being Single
The church can model a more inclusive community, one that doesn’t divide over marital status.
Never am I more aware of my singleness than in the summertime, when my calendar is dotted with weekend ceremonies and I'm under pressure to find a date or prepare to sit through
Reporting | Sexuality
Let's Kiss Dating Hello
A sociologist reveals her research about 'ring by spring' culture on a Christian college campus.
Singleness is a viable alternative to marriage, and young adults need to be especially aware of this. Paul even encourages singleness in 1 Corinthians.
Opinion | Discipleship
Embracing Valentine’s Day Disappointment
Why a holiday of unmet expectations leads me to the Resurrection.
But no matter who you are, at some point you're going to feel as if you're left standing with a handful of dust—whether you're disappointed in singleness, disappointed in marriage, or
Opinion | Sexuality
How the Dating Scene Became Stacked Against WomenSubscriber access only
Stats confirm what we knew all along: There aren't enough single men.
alone. That last example is particularly poignant. As religious groups emphasize marriage and family, some view prolonged singleness as a failure. Birger
Opinion | Sexuality
What Elisabeth Elliot Taught Me about LongingSubscriber access only
For this 21st-century single, her ‘Passion and Purity’ has stood the test of time.
In Passion and Purity: Learning to Bring Your Love Life Under God's Control, I met Elliot anew as a woman obedient amid the longings and uncertainties of singleness and a five-year
Opinion | Family
May You Not Be Weird and 30 Other Prayers for My Future Husband
All the single Christians said, “Amen.”
All the single Christians said, “Amen.”.
Opinion | Sexuality
Why Singles Belong in Church LeadershipSubscriber access only
Unmarried ministers offer a unique understanding of devotion to Christ alone.
your single years, I scan down to the author's bio and often discover that, sure enough, he's married to his college sweetheart, pulling advice from a brief period of singleness years ago.
How to Date When You’re Almost Middle-Aged
As I close in on 40, I’m learning how to live without marriage (even as I desire it).
Though I still battle fear that “God's best” might turn out to be lifelong singleness and barrenness, this new perspective on my past helps me hold my old dreams more loosely.
Opinion | Sexuality
Asking Too Much of MarriageSubscriber access only
We can't expect our spouses to solve all our problems.
We're often quick to associate loneliness and unhappiness with singleness, particularly in Christian circles. We expect marriage to overcome those feelings.
Opinion | Pop Culture
How to Keep Your Friends When Life Happens
Busy moms, long-distance besties, workaholics: There’s hope for you.
said. Langan also shared her thoughts on navigating friendships in singleness and post-college, as well as cultivating diverse friendships in the church.
Opinion | Church
Stop Blaming Men for Your SinglenessSubscriber access only
Stop blaming anyone, for that matter.
Opinion | Church. Stop Blaming Men for Your Singleness. Stop blaming anyone, for that matter. I generally agree with Miller, that blaming women for their own singleness is not helpful.
Opinion | Sexuality
True Love Obeys: Why We Abstain from Premarital SexSubscriber access only
Efforts like the True Love Waits campaign often hinge on promises that may never be fulfilled.
on my forceful reaction. I've never thought of singleness as especially easy or fun, but now that I'm in my middle 30s, it feels harder. Some days I find
Opinion | Family
Moving Pains: The Disorientating Grief of TransitionsSubscriber access only
Tips for finding community when you still feel like a stranger.
The words of Karen Keen, though written in the context of singleness, are most helpful (as quoted by Wesley Hill): "Singleness" as we conceive of it in
Opinion | Sexuality
We Don’t Age Out of Our Sexuality
Balancing love, desire, and the demands of midlife.
The author of Ecclesiastes points to a loving, lifelong marital relationship to help us face the challenges of life (9:9). Paul honors singleness as a means of focused service to God, but
Opinion | formertcwissue
Why We Still Need Women’s MinistrySubscriber access only
We hold up half the sanctuary ceiling—and our ministry matters.
It's supposed to be a safe place where we can talk about the grace of God and how it impacts things like infertility, divorce, singleness, poverty, cultural expectations, sexuality, and
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