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The Youth Sports Myth: You Owe It to Your Child
Hundreds of dollars, hours of intense practice. Is it worth the cost?
Opinion | Family. The Youth Sports Myth: You Owe It to Your Child. Condition. Find the right travel team. But experts in the fields of sports and medicine are telling a different story.
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Why We Really Put Our Kids in Sports
Our goodhearted support prioritizes athleticism more than we think.
Opinion | Sexuality. Why We Really Put Our Kids in Sports. Most parents will voice more modest outcomes for our children when we sign them up for sports leagues.
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Ashley Judd and Sexism on the SidelinesSubscriber access only
The frustrations of female sports fans.
The frustrations of female sports fans. Even with some growing recognition for female sports fans, we're still regularly in the position of defending our fandom.
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Six Ways to Inspire Confident, Contagious Faith in Your Kids
How do we help children and teens contend with the big questions? An apologist offers her take.
For example, if you're in the car driving home from school or sports practice and your son or daughter reports that a friend at school says that Jesus is “just a myth made up by the Bible
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5 Things You Should Know Before You Send Your Kid to College
A college administrator offers counsel on coming of age and higher ed.
will have to face. I think of John (a pseudonym), who suffered a major heart attack at 20 years old while playing recreational sports. Thanks to the strength
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Sanya Richards-Ross: My Abortion Broke Me; God Redeemed Me
The Olympic gold medalist opens up about faith, failure, and grace.
The Olympic gold medalist opens up about faith, failure, and grace.
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How a Disney Ballerina Ended Up Fighting Modern Slavery
A director of church mobilization for International Justice Mission says women can’t have it all, but they can have something better.
Washington, DC. I'm committed to attending all of Simeon's big events and sports games—even if that means racing to a game from the airport. Peter
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Q+A: Inside Edition's Megan Alexander on 'Faith in the Spotlight'
The popular journalist shares about staying true to her faith in the TV news industry.
When she received an offer to cover the NFL in 2014, journalist Megan Alexander had no way of knowing that she would be reporting one of the sports' world's biggest stories of the
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Scoot Over, That’s My Seat
My spot in church is more than just a thoughtless habit.
to get them. Whether it's a courtside sports bench, a desk in the classroom, or a pew in church, people routinely sit in the same places. In every church
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Why Are Our Children So Anxious?
Unpacking the reasons behind childhood and adolescent anxiety—and the hope we find in the gospel.
shifts.”. Even adolescents who reap the benefits of outdoor play and sports can be at risk of anxiety that comes from a hyper-scheduled routine. “Kids
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The Sunday Sports DilemmaSubscriber access only
The practice young athletes really need? Worship.
Opinion | Pop Culture. The Sunday Sports Dilemma. This was the first time our family had to confront the issue of Sunday sports, but, with three athletic children, it won't be the last.
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Call Out Locker Room Talk for the Sin That It Is
We can’t excuse inconsistent principles in our politicians or in each other.
sex and gender. As more women participate in sports and sports journalism, the locker room points to progress in women's equality. Now the current
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You May Be More Like ‘Other Women’ Than You Think
I discovered the flip side of being special: being alone.
I was into sports, climbing trees, and catching frogs. These days, playing sports and climbing trees are for boys and girls, and the term “tomboy” has basically gone out of style.
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First Female Coach Enters the ‘Man’s World’ of the NFLSubscriber access only
Welcome to the big leagues, Jen Welter.
Welter, who holds a master's and PhD. in sports psychology is no stranger to the barriers her gender has posed to her chosen career path; she has blasted through them before.
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Sports Illustrated Can't Turn Us into Swimsuit ModelsSubscriber access only
How the beauty culture blasphemes our bodies.
Opinion | Sexuality. Sports Illustrated Can't Turn Us into Swimsuit Models. How the beauty culture blasphemes our bodies. Rachel Marie Stone. @Rachel_M_Stone.
How Sewing Saved My Sanity
I took up quilting as a hobby. I had no idea it would become a tool for soul care.
The rest is spent playing computer games (27 minutes), socializing (38 minutes), playing sports (17 minutes), reading (19 minutes), and watching TV (2 hours and 49 minutes).
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Christians, Are You Ready For Some Football?Subscriber access only
Another season, another round of football debates.
Even sports outlets like Grantland and football hall-of-famers talking to ESPN have wondered how long the violent sport has left. Yet, football remains America's pastime.
Our Bodies Are Imperfect Temples
God dwells in us whether we’re Olympian-level muscular or morbidly obese.
They do not routinely advise against playing professional sports or hiking Mount Everest, yet they all advocate weight loss or talk about thinness as if it is a natural consequence of living
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Fearfully and Autistically Made
Acceptance means seeing autism as part of who my son is.
Valerie Dunham is a staff writer and sports columnist at Christ and Pop Culture. She enjoys sports, reading, and reminding everyone that she is originally from New England.
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MLB Wife Julianna Zobrist: 'Baseball Is All My Kids Have Ever Known'
How the Christian singer and her Chicago Cubs husband keep faith and family first.
Though fans have also questioned whether players should miss games for the birth of a child, the MLB became the first pro sports league to set an official paternity leave policy in 2011.