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Alicia Cohn

Alicia Cohn

Alicia M. Cohn is a freelance writer based in Denver, Colorado. She writes about superheroes, TV, and surviving on faith as a millennial. A former staff writer at a political newspaper in Washington D.C. and former intern for Christianity Today, she has written for
Her.meneutics since 2009 and also writes movie reviews for Christianity Today Movies. Follow her on Twitter @aliciacohn.

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The Force Is With Her

Star Wars' leading lady sends a message to the boys, too.

Brené Brown: Why We Need to Own Our Failures

Our darkest chapters don’t require a Christian rewrite.

Why I Wore the Same Thing All Week

Simplicity has become trendy. But what are we simplifying for?

Whatever Happened to Wonder Woman?

Modern female superheroes barely stand for anything. It wasn’t always this way.

‘Jane the Virgin’ Pokes Serious Holes Through Our Reasons to Wait

What a goofy CW comedy gets right about abstinence.

On TV, How Dark Is Too Dark?

Game of Thrones puts evil at its forefront.

The 'Scandalous,' Nonsensical Portrayal of Christian Faith on TV

Scripted television still doesn’t get evangelicals.

Help Wanted: Coming-of-Age in a Recession Can Shake Our Faith

Millennials’ unstable careers and changing identities make it harder to see God’s direction.

I Love You And I Don't Care Who on Facebook Knows It

Guidelines for PDA in the digital age.

Superman Isn't Jesus

Hollywood's overblown superhero-savior parallels.

Single Ladies Need Better Work-Life Balance, Too

Sheryl Sandberg's lessons for all of us, including the church.

Why YOLO Is the New WWJD

Might Christians learn something from the ridiculous catchphrase of 2012?

Questioning Scientology amid Katie Holmes's Divorce from Tom Cruise

Why empathizing with Cruise isn't sympathy for the Devil.

Cashing In on Breast Cancer: A Review of 'Pink Ribbons, Inc.'

A new documentary, in select theaters now, urges women to 'think before you pink.'

The Power of Choice in 'Downton Abbey'

The British World War I drama, depicting a world away, teaches me how to live in my own.

Learning from Tim Tebow about Workplace Evangelism

Why we all could stand to do a bit more Tebowing around the office.

Why Identifying as a Republican—or Democrat—Can Be Idolatrous

And how Sojourners' Lisa Sharon Harper navigates one side of the political spectrum.

An Open Letter to DC Comics

How to stop making it so hard for me to love you.

Why Singles Need Married Friends

Instead of looking to celebrity couples to uphold our marital ideals, we should look to real couples in our midst.
Displaying 1–20 of 51 ARTICLES
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Page: 123
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Passion, Revisited: Remembering When I Was Radical for Christ

How can we stay ‘sold out’ for our faith?


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