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Amy Simpson

Amy Simpson

Amy Simpson is editor of Christianity Today's Gifted for Leadership, a freelance writer, and author of numerous resources for Christian ministry, including Into the Word: How to Get the Most from Your Bible (NavPress) and the forthcoming Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church's Mission (InterVarsity Press). You can find her at AmySimpsonOnline.com and on Twitter @aresimpson.

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If We Can’t ‘Fear Not,’ Let’s Fear Better

How to show love in a time of terror.

What the Ebola Panic Reminds Us About Worry

Even faced with deadly disease, we can choose to live like God’s in control.

How Love Leads Us to Worry

When we love someone or something, we assume they’re ours to worry about.

What Your Facebook Updates Say About You, Your Faith, and Your Mental Health

New study connects emotional wellbeing with churchy status updates.

'Crazy Talk': How We Characterize Mental Illness

Our careless language reinforces stigma.

Christians Can't Ignore the Uncomfortable Reality of Mental Illness

Our shallow responses send the message that our faith has no answer for this kind of suffering.

When New Moms Can't Stop Worrying

Facing OCD, mental illness, and depression beyond the "baby blues."

In 'Silver Linings Playbook,' Hollywood Finally Gets Mental Illness

Whether or not it wins an Oscar, the film deserves praise for portraying real, human struggle.

Churches: Take a Lesson from the Postal Service

In today's change-or-die culture, we must adapt.

Don't Call Him 'Mr. Mom'

Quit patronizing. It's OK for dads to be dads.

Why Helping the Poor Is Not Enough

China's diabetes epidemic reminds us that material and spiritual well being don't always overlap. Much of the time, they don't.

The Surprising Truth about Mental Illness

Royce White is one of the NBA's hottest rookies. He also has crippling anxiety disorder. What we can learn from him about mental health.

Big Business and the Sacred Mystery of Sleep

What our sleeping habits reveal about our relationship with God.

Laughing at the Sexual Abuse of Boys?

A new movie suggests that boys want to be sexually exploited by adult women. Really?

Porn, Raquel Welch, and the Power of Our Sexual Imagination

When we let porn and fashion magazines tell us what's beautiful, we usually reject the flesh-and-blood beauty right in front of us.

What Jason Russell's Mental Breakdown Shows Us about Ourselves

Our churches still have much to learn about mental illness.
Displaying 1–17 of 17 ARTICLES
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