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Caryn Rivadeneira

Caryn Rivadeneira

Caryn Rivadeneira is a writer and speaker who serves on the worship staff at Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church. She's the author of five books, including Broke: What Financial Desperation Revealed About God's Abundance (InterVarisity Press, 2014) and Known and Loved: 52 Devotions from the Psalms (Revell, 2013). Caryn lives outside of Chicago with her husband, three kids, and one pit bull. Visit her at CarynRivadeneira.com. Find her on Facebook and on Twitter.
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The Divine Grace of the IRS

Seriously. God’s help comes from the weirdest places.

God Used Me to Stop a School Shooter

Antoinette Tuff, the steady voice who famously talked down an armed intruder, speaks out about her faith.

How I Stopped Being a Happiness Skeptic

Even our fleeting moments of bliss are worth celebrating.

Christianity Makes No Sense

And yet, I believe. Loving our creative God, embracing our paradoxical faith.

Ghost Stories for the Christian Soul

Hear me out: Haunting tales provide their own kind of spiritual formation.

Boobs on the Boob Tube

Television done right can promote a fuller view of our bodies.

The Church Welcome: This Time, With Feeling

It's our job to create the friendly, open atmosphere of heaven… or at least Disney.

The Blurred Lines of Cultural Consumption

Transformation, redemption, and a certain raunchy Robin Thicke video.

Confessions of That Mom, the One on Her Phone

A work-from-home parent during summer vacation.

The Real Value of Sex

Examining the lies that sex is worth nothing or sex is worth everything.

Working Together… From Home

A message to Marissa Mayer: It's not where we work, but how we work that matters.

God Made Boys to Play with Dolls

The role of a caring dad reflects God's nature as Heavenly Father.

The Problem with the #First-World-Problem Trend

Instead of inciting real change, the Internet meme just breeds guilt about legitimate complaints.

'Half the Sky' Brings Gender-Based Horrors to Documentary Film

What the new film shows us that the acclaimed book can't.

Sex! Outrage! The Internet! Doug Wilson, Rachel Held Evans, and The Gospel Coalition

Why I'm not sure we should be calling for a petition for removal of a blog post.

'Your Marriage Is Doomed,' and Other Lies Told to Children of Divorce

In her new book, MOMumental, Jennifer Grant gives adults courage and confidence in raising off-script families.

The Genealogy Gospel: Why We All Want to Know Our Family Tree

Two new TV shows highlight our hunger to know where we come from.

No Girls Allowed: Why the Church Shouldn't Follow Augusta National Golf Club's Membership Policy

Categories can serve a purpose, but we should be careful to avoid exclusivity.

When Christian Bookstores Ban Female Body Parts

Unpacking the Rachel Held Evans-Thomas Nelson dust-up over the 'v-word.'
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Raised in a Christian Cult

‘Girl at the End of the World’ adds to an important line of ex-fundamentalist survivor stories.

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