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Gina Dalfonzo

Gina Dalfonzo

Gina Dalfonzo is editor of BreakPoint.org and Dickensblog. Her work has appeared in Guideposts, National Review, the Weekly Standard, Christianity Today, Books & Culture, Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, and newspapers around the country. Her first book, 'Bring Her Down': How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin, was released in 2011; she is currently working on a book about Christianity and singleness. In her occasional spare moment, Gina reads voraciously, plays the piano, gardens, dances, and makes jewelry. She lives in Springfield, Va. You can follow Gina on Twitter at @GinaDalfonzo.

Choose Your Own Sexual Ethics Adventure

A critique of purity culture turns into a plea for self-centered sexuality.

Fighting Sexism Like a 'Fair Lady'

What the 50-year-old film reminds us about the power of strong-willed women.

Home Sweet Home, Again

Like a growing number of adults, I find support, love, and lodging in an obvious place: my parents’ home.

Daddy Dearest: How Purity Culture Can Turn Fathers into Idols

Our pledges belong to the Heavenly Father, not our earthly ones.

Why Do We Love to Hate Taylor Swift?

Sweet or sexualized, young female celebrities get subjected to constant criticism.

I'm Childless, Not Child-Incompetent

Healing the rift between parents and non-parents.

All Hail Maggie Smith

Finally, someone shows us how to age with dignity.

I'm Not Julia: Why Obama's American Woman Doesn't Speak for Me

By the government's estimate, women are best when they live life alone. Not so fast.

Fractured Fairy Tale: The Appeal and the Danger of 'Once Upon a Time'

The show's emphasis on the power of love is its strength—and weakness.

Why the New Planned Parenthood Controversy Raises Old Questions

The world is waking up to a conflict pro-life women have faced for years.

The Best Christian Marriage Book You've Never Heard Of

Dwight and Margaret Kim Peterson's book offers advice for a realistic and positive marriage.

'Unwanted' Girls Defy Sexism in India

How will Americans respond to the unwanted kids in their midst?

What the Herman Cain Case Reveals about Harassment

How Christians can respond to sexual harassment allegations in their own communities.

Why Men Should Read Jane Austen

And, how we all should read works like 'Pride and Prejudice.'

Guarding Your Marriage without Dissing Women

Women aren't disappearing from the workplace or ministry staff teams. How will married men adjust?

Bill Maher Slurs Sarah Palin, Now Responds

The National Organization for Women seems to believe that being conservative and pro-life means being anti-woman. Not so fast.

The Social Network's Women Problem

The likely Oscar Best Picture winner's disturbing view of women apparently come not from Mark Zuckerberg's world but from the views of writer Aaron Sorkin.

Facebook Envy on Valentine's Day

Social media have given single people one more way to be reminded of what they don't have.

What Are Wedding Vows For, Anyway?

Not much, if Carol Anne Riddell and John Partilla's wedding announcement in 'The New York Times' "Vows" section means anything.

Don't Think Pink

Breast cancer awareness campaigns often raise everything but real, tangible support for survivors. Just ask my mom.
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