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Halee Gray Scott

Halee Gray Scott

Halee Gray Scott, PhD, is an author, independent social researcher. She teaches seminary courses in spiritual formation, theology, and leadership. Her writing has appeared in Christianity Today, Christian Education Journal, Real Clear Religion, Relevant, Reject Apathy, Books and Culture, Kyria, Gifted for Leadership, Outcomes, Intervarsity's The Well, FullFill, Positively Human, and Breakfast Reading. She is currently writing a book titled, Dare Mighty Things: Mapping the Challenges of Leadership for Christian Women to help Christian women leaders thrive in ministry. The book will be released by Zondervan in early spring of 2014. She lives in Holland, Michigan, with her husband, Paul, and their two daughters, Ellie and Viv. When she's not writing or teaching, she is usually randomly Googling, baking challah bread, or running to work off the consumption of said challah bread. Halee blogs at www.hgscott.com. Follow her on Twitter at @hgscott. Soli deo gloria.

What Women Want: More Opportunities to Serve

Need Christians to help and lead at church? I know plenty.

A Lesson from Rape Stories: We Don’t Get What We Deserve

It’s time to recognize that our world isn’t fair. And do something about it.

Slammed in the Spirit

Hope for a Christian blogosphere that focuses more on God than each other.

A Mother's Hope for a Better World

The significance of raising good kids in an age of bad news.

Mercy in the Name of God, Not Government

How our country’s religious freedoms might prompt us to care for immigrants.

To Publish a Predator

What the regrettable Leadership Journal post reminds us about the nature of sexual abuse.

When Dads Don't Stay

Confronting the reality of fatherlessness in America.

The View from the Religious Middle

How can we oppose injustice without acting like the sky is falling?

Changing Depictions, Changing Perceptions

Bridging the gap between female stereotypes and real women starts in our heads, not stock photography.

A Real Cause for Christian Outrage

Believers around the world are dying for their faith. Where’s the evangelical groundswell for them?

The Church's Missing Half

What happens when women go underrepresented in the Body of Christ.

Strong Is the New Skinny

A fitness movement that pushes women to understand the power of their own bodies? I’m in.

Hey Lady, Etiquette is In Again

A new age of minding our manners.

Not-So-Pretty Little Liars

James Clapper, Big Brother, and our demand for truth in politics.

Auditing America's Political Integrity

The IRS scandal, Benghazi incidents, and the disappointment of dishonorable leadership.

Where Have All the Women Leaders Gone?

Seeking lives that steward our giftedness wisely and well.

My Cynical Christian Reality Check

How Pope Francis taught me about my own Christian stereotypes.

Want to Be Happy? Read, and See, Anna Karenina

Tolstoy's vision of happiness still resonates in a world starving for real contentment.

The Christian Case for the American Dream

Even though economists say the dream is nothing more than a fairytale, I'm still not ready to let it go.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Higgs Boson?

How new scientific discoveries have shaped my theology.
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