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Kate Shellnutt

Kate Shellnutt

Her.meneutics editor Kate Shellnutt follows current events and religion news across the web from her home outside of Augusta, Georgia. A former religion reporter and web producer for the Houston Chronicle, her work has earned honors from the Society for Features Journalism and Religion Newswriters Association. She studied religion and journalism at Washington and Lee University and Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. Kate loves cooking TV, comedy podcasts, and social media. She tweets as @KateShellnutt.

How to Succeed in Business Despite Stigma and Stereotypes

Christian executive offers advice for female entrepreneurs.

Military Wife Confessions: What Happens When You Can’t Plan for Anything

The practical struggle and spiritual lessons of living an unpredictable life.

Duck Dynasty Wife: The More Christians on Reality TV, the Better

How unexpected fame and quirky family has helped Jessica Robertson share her faith.

An Anointed Trend? Christian Women and Essential Oils

Faithful users rediscover the ancient practice and the healing within God’s creation.

Our Top Posts of 2014: Mark Driscoll, Conscious Uncoupling, and More

Readers and writers pick the best of Her.meneutics.

Christine Caine, Liberty University to Launch ‘Lean In’-Type Program for Christian Women

Propel calls on the church to equip and validate working women.

Jesus Loves the Little Children… But I Don’t

A childless millennial’s quest to become a “kid person.”

If a Brand-New Christian Women's Conference Goes Viral, Then What?

The story behind the success of the IF: Gathering.

Hot Wives, the Harlem Shake, and Our Favorite Posts from 2013

Readers and writers pick the best of Her.meneutics.

Christine Caine: Trust God to Open Doors for Women

The Australian activist and speaker discusses women in church leadership.

Why We Love 'Add a Word, Ruin a Christian Book'

Talking Jesus jokes and Internet culture with hashtag-maker Rachel Marie Stone.

A New Role for Women in Southern Baptist Agency

Trillia Newbell talks gender, race, and her appointment to the ERLC.

This Is Your Brain on Google

When digital dependence takes over what we once knew by heart.

Our Last-Ditch Summer Reading List

If you can fit in just one more book, we recommend one of these.

Sorority Syndrome: Girls Gone Mean

If we're not careful, big groups breed shallow friendships.

You Talk Like a Girl

How vocal fry affects women in the church.

The Problem with Christians Doing the 'Harlem Shake'

Some advice for the church: Think before you click.

What the Benedict Papacy Meant for Women

Communication is key to the pope's legacy

Female Heroes in a New Kind of Combat

Military women already serve and sacrifice in today's wars.
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