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Michelle Van Loon

Michelle Van Loon

Michelle Van Loon is the author If Only: Letting Go Of Regret (Beacon Hill Press, 2014) and two books about the parables of Christ. She's contributed to four recent devotional projects including the Hope In The Mourning Bible (Zondervan). She's been a church communications director, served on staff at Trinity International University, and currently serves as a consultant for a handful of small faith-based non-profits. She's currently enrolled part-time at Northern Seminary. She's married to Bill, and is mother to three and grandmother to two. Her writing focuses on issues of the church and spiritual formation. She blogs at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/pilgrimsroadtrip/.

Parented by Grandparents

The challenges of caretaking in middle age present new opportunities for outreach.

Holiday Traditions, Under Construction

Why our shifting families and evolving rituals can still be cause for celebration.

The History We’d Prefer to Forget

Why we pass on pain to the next generation.

To Have and to Hold, In Hardship and Unhappiness

Having faith in marriage, for the long haul.

The Church Deserves Better than Ugly Decorations

Neither Granny’s castoffs nor HGTV trends belong in church buildings.

Faith Unsettled

Pushing beyond the easy-believism of evangelicalism.

Tied Up in Our Own Preferences

How fear, not prayer, led us to choose sterilization… and regret it.

Aged Out of Church

Even in our congregations, midlife has become a joke.

Raised in a Christian Cult

‘Girl at the End of the World’ adds to an important line of ex-fundamentalist survivor stories.

The Unfortunate Art of Female Self-Sabotage

How women inadvertently undermine their own success.

God Doesn't Want Christian Clones

Are you following God or following someone else who’s following God?

The Transformative Heart of 'What Not To Wear'

The long-running TLC series is much more than a makeover show.

Who Raised These Millennials Anyway?

Boomers: Enough complaining about today’s generation.

Women of the Web

Finding solidarity, inspiration, and conversation between Jewish and evangelical bloggers.

Don't Let Women's Ministry Turn People Into Projects

The quest for mentorship to benefit us both.

My Teenager Made Me Finally Grow Up

The unexpected surrender of parenting adolescents

Like Valerie Harper, We're All Terminal

The search for a truer expression of Christian grief.

How Adulthood Is Like High School All Over Again

Churches need to recognize the awkward teenager inside each of us.

In Defense of Church Hoppers

Some Christians' spiritual baggage makes it harder to find a church home

Jodie Foster's Confession (No, Not That One) Made Her My Hero

Relating to a frank and fragile voice of loneliness
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