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Rachel Marie Stone

Rachel Marie Stone

Rachel Marie Stone is a regular columnist for The Englewood Review of Books and has contributed to Christianity Today, InTouch, OnFaith, Books and Culture, The Christian Century, and Sojourners, among other publications. Her first book, Eat With Joy: Redeeming God's Gift of Food, won the CT Book Award for Christian Living. She is also the author of The Unexpected Way, a book about the Gospels for children. Rachel lives near Philadelphia with her husband and two sons. You can find her blogging on food, family, faith, and justice at Patheos and follow her on Twitter at @Rachel_M_Stone.

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We Still Love Social Media—Filters, Fakers, Hashtags, and All

Our digital connections are far from perfect, but we can’t give ‘em up.

The Sale That Stole Thanksgiving

America's turning into the Land of the Buy-One-Get-One-Free, Home of the Brave-the-Crowds.

A Time to Die

Americans have forgotten the art of dying.

Even Economists Can't Tell Us What to Expect When We're Expecting

Emily Oster’s 'Expecting Better' is callous and trivial—if not overtly dangerous.

Feeding the Pregorexia Epidemic

Our unhealthy expectations for new moms… and ourselves.

David Rakoff, My Rather Unlikely Kindred Spirit

Kindness, healing, and humor, all done in lyric.

Chains of Injustice

The heartbreaking reality for female inmates in the U.S.

Why Criticism Belongs in the Christian Blogosphere

There's a difference between critics and haters.

Bless These Hands That Instagram My Food

Michael Pollan and today's foodie culture make home cooking hip.

Immodesty All Over the Map

Putting breasts in cultural context.

Madonna's Humanitarian Diva Moment

Lessons from the singer's outburst in Malawi.

A Labor of Love: The Birth Doula

Caring for new moms starts in the delivery room.

Remembering Edith Schaeffer, the Evangelical in Pearls and Chanel No. 5

She helped us see art and beauty's place in Christian life.

Sports Illustrated Can't Turn Us into Swimsuit Models

How the beauty culture blasphemes our bodies.

Stop With All the Dangerous Childbirth Stories Already

Spoiler alert: Downton brings the drama.

Let Boys be Boys: Play-Fighting May Actually Be Good for Kids

Differentiating between reality and the pretend violence of playtime

The Royal Baby and the Royal Pain of Pregnancy

Kate Middleton's pregnancy announcement reminds us what Mary endured before Jesus was born.

The Gospel Lessons of 'Call the Midwife'

The new BBC drama shows what it takes to serve the least of these.

Primetime Pregnancy: Why We Need Birthing Films

Most women go into birth not knowing what to expect. Why birthing videos can help.

Are Pregnant Women Who Have Birth Plans 'Selfish?'

Debunking the belief that pregnant women should sit back and be grateful for whatever happens on the big day.
Displaying 21–40 of 81 ARTICLES
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The Casserole-Toting Church Ladies Hold the Secret To Happiness

I found unexpected heroes—and a model for faithful living—in the elderly women at my church.

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