September 2009


New Post on the Park Forum: Three-year olds and Self Control

What are you for?

Why is moralism so annoying? (And of course, there are times when it is far more than annoying and becomes disturbing, mean, unjust, insensitive, etc.) I've found myself cringing when someone states an opinion with which I agree, such as, "High school students shouldn't get ...

Running Away

Penny keeps asking me to tell her stories. "Tell story Mama little girl," she says. So I've been remembering moments in my childhood and passing them along. Last night, I remembered that on more than one occasion, I "ran away" from home. I never went far. Once I made it to the ...

Choosing the Good

New Post: Women and Happiness on The Park Forum

Going Organic

Organic is all the rage these days. Organic food, organic clothing, organic coffee. I make a point of buying organic milk and chicken. I try for organic veggies too.

Perhaps it's because of the popularity of organic farming that I have been applying the word "organic" to other ...


I heard it in a sermon a long time ago. Genesis 12:2, in which God promises Abraham: "I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing." I tend to think of it as a prayer: "Bless me, that I might be a blessing." ...

Human Uniqueness?

New post on the Park Forum: Are humans unique or is it all evolution?

The Tension of Faith

Life with God, at least here and now, is a state of constant tension. The reality of pain, suffering, separation, death, heartache. The reality of joy, comfort, redemption, grace, love. Both, and. At the same time.

I spin from one to the other far too often, from a spiritual ...

Intuition or Revelation?

I recently joined a team of writers who are making connections between the Bible and the news. I will be posting on a regular basis at, and I will add a link to this blog whenever a post appears. My first:


I've felt like a failure recently. Well, at least a few weeks ago I was feeling like a failure. I had spent a year working on a proposal for a new book. My agent sent it out to dozens of editors. Lots of them responded well. I was sure a contract would follow. But in the end, ...

"I'm an Agnostic"

Every so often, people ask me spiritual questions. One that comes up again and again is, "Who do you think is going to heaven, and who is going to hell?" My short answer is, "I'm an agnostic." I know that "agnostic" is usually a word used to describe whether or not people ...

Born Again

William is now thirteen months old. We're out of the newborn stage, thank the Lord. If there's one thing I now know for sure about myself, it is that I am not a "baby person." The cuddling is nice, I suppose, but a) William rarely cuddled and b) I like talking with my children ...

Language, again

NPR ran a story tonight: "Rethinking 'Retarded': Should It Leave The Lexicon?" (

I wrote a response:

"You're such a retard" implies, "you're acting the way I imagine someone with an intellectual disability would act." ...

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