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Sex and Jesus?

So I never did get to tell you more about the Festival of Faith and Writing... Soon, I promise.

For now, I've got a post at Patheos in response to the question: "What's Sex Got to do with It (Christianity, that is)?" (in 100 words or less). My response:

Tenderness. Ecstasy. Vulnerability. Nakedness. Desire. The Church often ignores the embodied life. The world often forgets the spiritual reality in which we have our being. Good sex brings both together, and in so doing, it mirrors Christ, the one who came as a physical being living in a new spiritual reality. We are invited to experience God as we experience sex – with our bodies and our emotions, with intimacy and ecstasy. We are invited to experience sex as we experience God – covenantally, vulnerably, giving of ourselves, and receiving from the other. If only the writers of Cosmo and Maxim knew...

To read more responses to this question, click here. And feel free to comment, here or at Patheos, with your own answer to the question. What does sex have to do with what you believe, whether you are within the Christian tradition or another faith or don't believe in God?

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