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The Beauty of Flabby Arms...

I wrote a post here over the summer that received a lot of comments, so I turned it into an essay that has been published at Divine Caroline (which, I must add, has a pretty low bar for publishing, but I thought it might get a different audience to read this essay).

The essay begins:

Wrinkles. Sunspots. White hair. A stout waist. Flabby arms. Hers was a body I loved.The sunspots once had been freckles, gained through countless summers on the beach; the wrinkles signs of laughter, of worry, of a husband who left her a widow at age twenty-eight. The stout waist testified to her children, the miscarriages and the three who lived. Her body told stories, and I wanted that. I wanted to grow up and be proud of my laugh lines and shrug my shoulders at the loose skin around my neck and hold onto the extra layer of fat around my middle and call it love handles—with a smile. If you're interested in reading more, go to the following link: "Arms Like My Grandmother." Feel free, of course, to pass it along to other people and/or to post a comment.

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