September 2010

When the World Comments On Your Life

I've found myself in the center of a squall this past week. A squall of my own making. When I wrote about my choice not to screen the baby in my womb for Down syndrome, I didn't expect it to draw any attention other than readers of this blog. But Lisa Belkin, of the New York ...

I Failed as a Gardener

My mother gardens. She has gorgeous flower beds. Everywhere.

Zinnias and lilies and hostas and petunias and daffodils and flowers whose names I've never learned. When I was little, our backyard had more sunlight than it does now, so she also grew green beans and tomatoes and ...

What Question Would You Ask God?

We've entered a new phase in our family life. Penny has started to ask questions. When we pick Peter up from the train, she'll say, "How was your day, Dad?" Or when she meets someone new she'll say, "Hi. What's your name?" And of course there is the ever-present childhood question, ...

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