July 2011

Another Reason to Love Your Neighbor

In case we needed another reason to love our neighbors as ourselves, it turns out that it might just come in handy. As this NPR story reports, "A researcher's data suggest that ambulances, firetrucks and government aid aren't the principal ways most people survive during and ...

Publisher's Weekly Reviewed A Good and Perfect Gift and...

...they liked it!

I've been grateful already for the responses from various people who have endorsed my book, the first official review of A Good and Perfect Gift comes out next week in Publisher's Weekly. Among other things, they write:

Becker (Penelope Ayers: A Memoir), a Princeton ...
Penny Says the Pledge of Allegiance

Happy Fourth of July!

What I Learned on our Family Vacation

I learned that we can travel for thirteen hours in our Swagger Wagon without hurting one another, especially during a three hour nap:

I learned that, much as Peter and I love Chipotle, our kids prefer different fare (although they did greatly enjoy the techno music in the background): ...

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