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Gendercide: Over One Hundred Million Missing Baby Girls

I have a new post for her.meneutics called "The Lost Girls of India and China" that reports on the ongoing problem of "gendercide," or abortion based upon the sex of the fetus. The post begins:

Across most cultures and throughout time, parents have wanted boys more than they have wanted girls. Recently developed technologies are allowing parents to reject their girl children before they are even born.In India and China, the world's two most populated nations, parents have chosen to abort hundreds of millions of baby girls.

According to Samanth Subramanian, writing forThe National, "Indians are aborting more female foetuses (sic.) than at any time in their nation's history, with the practice growing fastest in the more affluent states. . . . There are now 914 girls for every 1,000 boys under the age of 6."

Furthermore, the BBC News reports that in India, "activists fear eight million female foetuses may have been aborted in the past decade." In addition to a large number of abortions using so-called "sex-selection," the infant mortality rate is higher for girls than boys in India, probably due to a combination of neglect and infanticide.

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For those of you interested in some other recent articles on this topic, see Ross Douthat's piece for the New York Times: "160 Million and Counting" and Jonathan Last's piece for the Wall Street Journal: "The War Against Girls."

For those of you interested in more information including ways to help effect change, visit All Girls Allowed, a website for an organization devoted to exposing the truth about gendercide, rescuing victims, and celebrating the lives of girls and mothers.

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