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Penny and me on Time.com

Bonnie Rochman has a new article at Time.com called "Are Kids With Down Syndrome on the Road to Extinction?" which features a picture of Penny and me and (on the second page) a few comments from a conversation we had a few weeks back. Although the new prenatal tests for Down syndrome have been covered in many news outlets lately, I commend this article for both the breadth and depth of coverage.

And I'm curious–do you think a diagnosis of Down syndrome should precipitate a choice? What I mean is that when you are given the "diagnosis" via ultrasound that your child will be a boy, the doctor doesn't follow that news by saying, "And therefore you have a choice to make." Down syndrome sometimes brings with it heart defects or other physical problems that could cause significant suffering in an infant. But in many cases, a diagnosis of Down syndrome doesn't bring with it any obvious physical concerns. Penny, for instance, was a healthy baby. She came home from the hospital two days after she was born. So–should Down syndrome in and of itself prompt a conversation about terminating a pregnancy?

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