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Worth Reading and Watching: Being Remade, Disability and Religion, Life With God, and Failing Lent

Beautiful post by Mama Monk about the perpetual trials of being a parent of small children. She writes,

I'm a stressed mom. I'm stressed too often. I worry that August's most prominent memory of his childhood will be my contorted anxiety face leaning over his carseat, snapping at him and plugging his seatbelt in tight. Sometimes he asks me, "Mama, are you stressed?" Sometimes he tells Chris when he comes home: "Mommy was really stressed today."

Oh, how I hate that. That is not the story I want for my boys' childhood. Sweet Lord, I beg from my gut, unweave that story. Put a new one in its place…

Read more at Let Them Tell This Story: She Was Always Being Remade.

My fellow Patheos writer and friend Dilshad Ali has a wonderful article for the World Parliament of Religions about the connections that emerge among people who have children with disabilities and faith, even if those faiths aren't the same. Dilshad is a practicing Muslim, for instance, while I am a practicing Christian, and yet we have been able to give spiritual encouragement to one another in large part because of both having children with disabilities. Dilshad interviewed me for her article, Finding Common Ground Across Special Needs: Ritual, Autism, and My Faith.

What preposition would you use to describe your relationship with God? Skye Jethani confronts the problems with life under, over, from, or for God and offers a vision of God with us. Take 9 minutes to listen to his Q Talk about God With Us.

A beautiful post from "Red" over at Building Cathedrals about Failing Lent. I can very much relate, and I'm grateful for her insight: We can't earn Easter.

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