Listen to Eugene Peterson With Me...

I'm supposed to be in New York City today, attending the Q sessions with Eugene Peterson, author of a number of thoughtful and spiritually transformative books, including The Message and my favorite among many, Leap Over a Wall: Earthy Spirituality for Everyday Christians. Unfortunately, I won't make it there until tomorrow (long story which involves the typical life of a mom–vomit, sinus infections, and thus rescheduled post-surgical doctor's appointments, in addition to a rightfully-weary husband). Regardless, both today and tomorrow the Q folks will offer an hour-long live stream of the conversation with Peterson from 10:45-11:45. Today's topic is "Practicing Sabbath" and tomorrow's is "Immersed in Scripture."

As someone who has never participated in a live stream of anything, I can't say I understand how these things work, but I've been told that access will be granted on a "first-come first-served" basis, so I guess I should warn you to get there asap. I've heard Peterson talk before, and I am certain it will be well worth your time. To find out more, click here.

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