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The Truth About You...

My friend Sara Hagerty, who writes about her family of four children (three girls and a boy adopted from Ethiopia and Uganda) on the blog Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, has written two posts about their daughter Hope. Yes, these are posts about adoption, but they say as much about parenting and about how we might learn for ourselves and teach to our children the truth of who they are, the truth of God's unending love for them. In "Losing the Streets," Sara writes:

The slum streets were her childhood playground.

Her lungs took their first swallow of earth's air in the poor African's version of a waiting room, while her mama held her place in line for a "free-clinic" bed — one that she never saw. Hope was welcomed by this world into the dirt, and it would indoctrinate her first five years of life.

And from what I can tell, she did street life well . . .

One of the greatest dangers of adoption is believing for your child what your child already believes about themselves. It's subtle. And easy, when the sum total of all their behaviors in a given day seems to point in one direction.

But we weren't called to be the thermometer in the life of a child who has years of seeing themselves in only one light. We are here to tell them who they really are and, in light of who He is, that they are royalty . . .

Click here to read more, and here to receive some practical advice for Sara about how to impart these truths to our children.

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