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Interrupting Vacation to tell you...My first interview with Penny for Red Letter Christian and a shout out from Parents.com. Now, back to not blogging...

No, really, I'm not writing a blog post. I promise. I'm working on the new big project, I'm taking walks by the seaside, I'm reading great books, and I'm enjoying my three kids (more stories to come, especially on the kid side, in September).

But two things happened this past week that I just have to mention here...

One, Michael Kress, editor of Parents.com, interviewed me for a blog post he wrote about prenatal testing. In his post he writes:

In contemplating this blog post, I turned to the best source I know of for advice on prenatal testing, Amy Julia Becker, an occasional Parents.com contributor and author of What Every Woman Needs to Know About Prenatal Testing: Insights from a Mom who has Been There (a book I offered an endorsement to). Amy Julia has written movingly about her daughter Penny, who has Down syndrome, and the challenges and joys Penny has brought to their family–and what her experiences have taught her about navigating the world of prenatal testing.

So that made me feel pretty happy and grateful, so I wanted to share it with you. Read the post (Prenatal Testing: Information is Not Neutral) for Michael's perspective and experience as well as for my three pieces of advice.

Two, Red Letter Christian has Penny and me "On the Red Carpet" today in an interview that covers topics such as Jesus' attitude towards people with disabilities, Penny's perspectives on Down syndrome and Jesus, and whether I would take away her extra chromosome if I could. This is the first time Penny and I were ever interviewed together, so I had to share, and I hope you'll pass along the interview as well.

Now, really, see you after Labor Day. Happy Summer!

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