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Who I'm Reading: an Introduction to Micha Boyett on Spirituality, Family, and St. Benedict

Today I'd like to introduce you to another writer I love, especially when it comes to spirituality and family, my friend Micha Boyett. Before I give her the stage, let me direct you to one of my favorite posts of hers, one which I intended to share with you all long ago. It's about her childhood friend Carey, who had Down syndrome, and their mutual friend Melyn, who loved Carey. It is a beautiful reflection on friendship and loss, and I commend it to all of you: For Carey. And for her friend, Melyn.

And now, how Micha describes herself:

Mama Monk is an ongoing story about searching for God in my ordinary life with a husband and two small sons. I'm healing from an unhealthy mentality of spiritual striving and I'm learning to simplify, both physically and spiritually. I'm learning to believe despite the hamster wheel of doubt that revolves in my mind.

I'm re-learning how to pray, wondering if maybe prayer is more about noticing God's good presence in my everyday than spouting off a list of praises or requests. I'm realizing that my most profound moments of worship are those I spend singing love songs over the crib at bedtime. I'm learning that God loves me beyond (and despite of) what I hold in my mind.

What does it look like to believe in and love Jesus? I'm learning from the monastics, especially St. Benedict, who just might be teaching me more about motherhood than any of the parenting books gathering dust on my shelf.

Posts I love:

When Sadness Lives on the Doorstep of Happiness– On going back to therapy, not because I'm at the end of my rope, but because I don't have to live there, at the end of my rope.

Marriage and the Growing Up of Us– An anniversary post for my husband about the beauty of our simple life together. A post about how we're not just raising children together, but growing each other up as well.

Rivers and Roads– On grief and saying goodbye.


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