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Worth Reading: on Pain, Junk Food, Prison, TV, and Gender Equality

So during one of those restless nights last week in which I wish I had been praying (see last week's post, My Kids Keep Teaching Me How to Pray) but was actually reading stuff on my phone, I came across a number of articles you might like:

On love and grace and pain from poet Christian Wiman: Mortify Our Wolves

On why junk food is so addictive: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

On the impact of too-long prison terms, and, as it happens, a hauntingly beautiful look at a man and a woman who love each other: Prison and the Poverty Trap

On TV and Kids, in which I learned that the average toddler watches 4.1 hours of television a day!?! and in which I also learned that kids are less aggressive when they watch shows related to empathy. Makes you wonder whether the same might be true of adults...

On Why Gender Equality Stalled, which describes social progress that has not been aided by political progress and the implications this disconnect has for all of us.


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