January 2013

What Penny's Birthday and Epiphany Taught Me About Who We All AreI look forward to the mystery unfolding before me in each of my children

I don't mean to put my children in boxes, but every so often I catch myself. I have wrapped them up, hemmed them in, put a bow on top and presented them to the world as if I can contain what is inside. As if I can predict who they will be or what they can do.

I should ...

Summarizing 2012, or Not...Some lists of good reads from the past year, and my Q Talk on prenatal testing was selected as an editors' pick for 2012!

Nearly two weeks ago, I said I would be taking a week off from blogging. And then a week turned into ten days turned into a few days more... My kids went back to school today, and while I'm grateful to try to get back into my writing rhythm, I'm also grateful for the time we ...

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