June 2013

Questions about Disabilities, Prenatal Testing, the Church, and MoreAn interview with Jonathan Merritt's blog on Faith and Culture at Religion News Service.

What have been the most difficult moments or conversations for you as a parent of a child with a disability?

How do you see the Church responding to people with disabilities and how can the Church improve?

On your blog, you've welcomed a variety of voices to contribute. Which ...

Talking About Disability With Your Kids (on PBS Parents)Even though I have a daughter with Down syndrome, for a long time I didn't know what to say when we encountered other people with physical or intellectual disabilities. My post for PBS Parents on how I've learned to talk (and think) about disability.

We were perusing our local nature center last weekend, and my seven-year-old daughter Penny abruptly stopped walking. Ahead of us were twin girls, probably three or four years old. One used a walker to support herself. Penny didn't say anything, but her eyes grew wide as they ...

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