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What I'm Reading and Tweeting this Week...

Today I'm excited to be attending the Q Women Conference in NYC, with speakers such as Kate Harris, Katelyn Beaty, Rachel Held Evans, Lauren Winner, Kathy Keller, and Rebekah Lyons (plus a cameo by my husband but that's another story). Next week, I'll share an interview with the editors of Talking Taboo, and the week after that I'm excited to share with you an interview about forced abortion in China with Bob Fu, author of God's Double Agent. Meanwhile, Alice Munro is keeping me satisfied with her newest collection of stories, Dear Life. We're about to pick up Kate Chopin's The Awakening for Book Club. And Penny and William have discovered Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. So all is well in this reading household. What's on your list this week?

As for articles to read this week, a smattering (and more to come on the abortion article in NY Magazine next week):

 ow.ly/qH3v3 This Middle School #FootballTeam Went Behind Their Coaches' Backs To Do Something Incredible @EliteDaily#Disability

Finally, we can face the monstrosity of 19th-century #slavery. But what about people enslaved today? ow.ly/qH2N0@nicholaskristof

26 Women Share Their Abortion Stories. Do these stories affect the way you view#abortion? ow.ly/qJYce #Parenting #Choices@NYMag

"Let's Not Bully Kids Into #Belief" @jennifercgrant ow.ly/qK3QF #Faith#Parenting @CT_women

Find out how "God is a Trick of the Light"ow.ly/qL5Yt @EllenPDollar #Miracles#TrueBeauty #Rainbow @Patheos

Yes, we are different races.You can stop staring now."- Megan Hill http://ow.ly/qL8w0 #Discrimination #MultiEthnic #Parenting@CT_women

"Have You Been Crucified by #Christians? ..He[ #Jesus] too was crucified by His own."http://ow.ly/qNon7 @MarlenaGraves#LiveLikeChrist

http://ow.ly/qNmQV #FoxNews' Highly Reluctant Jesus Follower @kirstenpowers10@CTmagazine #Christianity #Atheism

Love You More, bestselling adoption memoir, just $1.99 for amzn.to/17vvUvu #NatlAdoptionMonth #FridayReads@jennifercgrant


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