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What Reading Material is on Your Bedside Table This Week? What reading is on your bedside table this week?

On the bedside table: I just started God's Double Agent: The True Story of a Chinese Christian's Fight for Freedom by Bob Fu (with Nancy French). I'm 100 pages in, and so far I recommend it as a well-written memoir that takes place within a historical and spiritual context all Americans should try to understand. I also finished and loved Here if You Need Me by Kate Braestrup. I was particularly interested in and challenged by her views as a Unitarian Universalist Christian (from my other UU friends, I don't think all UU people would call themselves Christians, but Braestrup would). Beautiful writing, insightful thinking about Scripture and the nature of humanity and good and evil and God's role in it all, and a wonderful story to boot. I just started listening to Kathleen Norris' Acedia and Me: a Marriage, Monks, and a Writer's Life. I suspect I will be loving this one too.

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 "I didn't know unborn children had lawyers"#Pregnant mother accused of endangering#UnbornChild ow.ly/qbobe #Addictions@eckholm

Why is stay-at-home work both meaningful to our families & our society? ow.ly/qcvB7 #Motherhood #Parents #CultureShaper@Qideas

During #DownSyndrome Awareness Month, These 7 People Remind Us That #LabelsDon't Matter ow.ly/qe1Ry @ESGoldberg#Inclusion

"To link #DownSyndrome so persistently to a#language of disease...creates an implicit negative bias" @RachelAdams212 ow.ly/qe2AE

"These weaker, disabled members are functioning parts of the body. We need to recognize their gifts" ow.ly/qk4Qx

Boy Wanders Onto Stage To Hang Out With#PopeFrancis ow.ly/qkXpU #KidsBeingKids@BuzzFeed

"Do we need to be talking about Alzheimer's when a child isn't even born yet?" @alisonpiepmeier ow.ly/qgoDH #Genetics#Disability

"Fill in the blank: Women cannot___________ " ow.ly/qllO6 -Talking Taboo #Misconception #Faith#DontStaySilent

"Please Stop Calling Your Relatively #PrivilegedLife 'Crazy' and 'Messy'." @Rachel_M_Stone ow.ly/qllev #Poverty#Language

 What reading is on your bedside table this week?

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