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Quick Reads for the WeekendArticles on women, Down syndrome, motherhood for your reading pleasure

I hope to offer a reflection on Andy Crouch's Playing God on Monday. For now, I will simply say that if you are interested in culture, sociology, and the Christian story, this book is for you. And in case I haven't been clear about it already, Kate Braestrup's Here if You Need Me is amazing. It's a memoir about her time as a chaplain for the Maine game wardens. Beautifully written, thoughtful, accessible, challenging... I highly recommend it.

 And my tweets related to articles worth reading this week:

"Winning hearts and minds" ow.ly/pYQua"The best thing the US has done in#Afghanistan" #LifeExpectancy #USaid@JustinSandefur

"Heaven Is Waiting; Hell Is A Different Question" #AfterLife #Faith #HeavenAndHell ow.ly/pYRov @NPR

#SweetwaterSpectrum - Offering#independence & housing for adults with#Autism @teamtortorello ow.ly/pYRWx@nytimes

"What is it about serious #music training that seems to correlate with outsize #success in other fields?" ow.ly/q3o5F @nytimes

#EthanSaylor's "Parents file lawsuit in movie-theater death" ow.ly/q3mEY #DownSyndrome #Disability

Is #Motherhood a Vocation? -Kate Harris ow.ly/q7eXp #WorkingMoms #Parenting@Qideas

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