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Weekly Roundup 5.10.14: Seven Things to Read About MothersThe history of Mother's Day, mothers and calling, mothers and happiness, and more...
Weekly Roundup 5.10.14: Seven Things to Read About Mothers
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In anticipation of Mother's Day I've featured posts about mothers all week--my own reflections on how being a mother has helped me to grow up, Ellen Painter Dollar's thoughts about how sharing her body--a body disabled by osteogenesis imperfecta--with her kids has brought healing and wholeness, and Jeannie Cunnion's answers to my questions about Parenting the Wholehearted Child.

For today's roundup, here are seven posts about mothers and motherhood:

"I find that at the heart of the gospel itself, in the doctrine of the Incarnation, we are provided with a theological lens for thinking about calling in the midst of constraint that feels far more honest and practical to me in my life with small kids than the vague hope of 'having it all'. Kate Harris discusses Constraint and Consent, Career and Motherhood in response to Q Ideas' question: How Are Callings Shaped By and Beyond Motherhood?

Tanya Basu of The Atlantic examines the potential weaknesses behind the "parental happiness gap"-- "the running theory..that parents are a less happy bunch than their non-parenting peers." Does that theory stand true today? Or Does Having Kids Make Parents Happy After All?

In her piece for The New York Times Motherlode, A Mother's Instinct, a Daughter's Need, Ana Homayoun reveals the most meaningful gift of all this Mother's Day.

"I hope and pray that someone, sometime, will found a memorial mother's day commemorating her for the matchless service she renders to humanity in every field of life. She is entitled to it."-(Ann Reeves Jarvis). Antonia Blumberg of the Huffington Post uncovers how Mother's Day History Is Steeped in Radical, Religious Feminism.

Love That Max blogger Ellen Seidman challenges her readers to pay it forward this Mother's Day in her latest post, Pay it forward to another special needs mom.

"He had gone from seeing beauty in the midst of suffering to creating it. He had taken the cancer that threatened to suffocate him and stripped it down until all that was left was hope. He had taken his eyes off of death and lifted them to the heavens, to eternity, to the clouds... And I'm more certain than ever that that one tiny prayer was all it took for God to use my son's battle with cancer to touch the lives of millions of people." Laura Sobiech recounts her family's touching story in her piece, A mother's prayer, a son's death and a song that lives on for CNN Belief.

"Moms deserve our respect. They also need grace like the rest of us—and they probably deserve it even more. A mom's job is a constant one." Find out why Ashley Moore would like you to This Mother's Day, Make a List of Things You Resent about Your Mother: Oh, and then throw it away featured on Today's Christian Woman.

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