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The Blessings of Battle

War is a miserable business. But it has a way of creating good ends. Not just bringing justice after just wars. But prompting creative technologies that bring much good during peace time. This summer we’ve heard plenty about the causes and political aftermath of World War I. Now it’s time to think of “The 6 Most Surprising, Important Inventions” from that world conflagration.

More than Kids’ Toys

What can’t you do with LEGOS? Seemingly nothing. Another example of the ingenuity of us divine image bearers.

The Jungle Kitchen

This callout says it all: “There are more species of microbes in a typical home than there are species of birds on Earth.” Yikes! So you may not want to read “Mapping the Hidden Universe in Your Kitchen” until after dinner. But just when you’re ready to freak out, remember, these too are God’s beloved creatures.

Summer Heat

The Romans called the period from the first week of July to the second week of August “the days of the dogs,” better known today as “the dog days of summer.” But why did they call them that? Still it’s not as hot here as on the sun—but sun spots, at a balmy 7,300°F—offer some relief.

Sun of Righteousness

Speaking of the sun, recently liturgical churches celebrated Jesus’ transfiguration. It was the day “Jesus Shone Like the Sun”—a spiritual thought to ponder during the dog days.

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